Waxahachie Indian fans turned out in force to the final Booster Club meeting of the year to celebrate the Tribe's state championship win.

Here are some of the reactions from fans at the meeting:

Don Bennett said it was a real thrill for him and his family to follow Waxahachie football this season.

"I've got kids in the band," Bennett said, "and for 16 weeks I've been following this team wherever it has gone. It has given us a season of pure excitement and fun — just incredible.

"All their hard work paid off over the years. They deserve to be the state champions — I just have one more thing to say: Let's do it again next year."

Dorothy Davis, a Indian fan since 1970 and the woman who compiles the scrapbook for Waxahachie, said she already has quite a collection.

"I've followed the team for 22 yards, and this is the best I've ever seen," Davis said. "They've just done a fantastic job.

"It was a terrific season, and I'm really proud of the boys and the coaches."

Mark Clemmons, a prominent member of the Indian Booster Club, said 18 dozen caps with the "Waxahachie Indians State Champions" logo printed on them sold in no time at all.

"The people in this town have really rallied around the team and given outstanding support," Clemmons said. "This town has gone wild over Indian football

"Before the game, on the way to Houston, there were cars decorated with 'Go Indians' and people honked and were really enthusiastic.

"The Indians had quite a caravan — I've never seen anything like it. I'm proud of the support the team received. We have the state championship team, and it's nice to have the best fans in the state, too."

Maria Gonzales said she and her husband are big Indian fans, and followed them to Houston to cheer for them.

"We love the Indians," Gonzales said. "It's been a very exciting year — just wonderful. This has been like Christmas coming early.

"Not too many teams get to win a state championship, so this shows they have a lot of determination."

Jimmy L. Herod, an Indian fan "for at least 10 years," said nothing compared to the excitement of a Waxahachie Indian game — especially winning the state championship.

"One of the biggest thrills I've had in my life was for the Indians to go all the way and win it," Herod said.

"I'm glad for the players, coaches and the entire city. It's really been exciting. I only missed two games the entire year. I wanted to give them all my support.

"I was there in the cold at Tyler and made the long trip down to Houston. My wife, Joanna, is on the faculty, and we made it a point to support the team."

What's prominent on Herod's mind now?

"I want the Indians to do this again next year," he said. "I think they can. I know they've got the will to win again, and I'll be backing them the whole way."