WAXAHACHIE — Dirt is moving to bring a new park online in the Mustang Creek subdivision.

Contractors are currently building the concrete parking lot and, once that is in place, a new playground structure will be installed. The Mustang Creek subdivision is located off of Saddle Brook and Palomino Drive in Waxahachie.

Presenting that item at Thursday’s Park Board meeting was Parks and Recreation Director John Smith.

“That parkland was dedicated to us some years ago," Smith said. "It has always been the desire of the park board to amenitized that and now we are finally able to gather funds and do that.”

Smith stated the contractor that has been hired to do that is Reliable Paving Inc., who has also been selected to do the parking lots upgrades at the Sports Complex. The cost for the parking lot at the park is $36,930. Once the parking lot is complete, Kraftsman Play Structures will install the new equipment.

Kraftsman’s website states that it offers a wide variety of structures ranging from traditional equipment such as monkey bars to themed playground sets.

Smith stated that the neighborhood has been using this space as a park for quite some time. This project will now formally bring the area into the city's care. This is the first phase of the project. The second phase is looking at exploring other upgrades such as a walking trail. Work on the project is anticipated to be completed within the next four month.

Smith gave the board an update on the design of the new parking area at Spring Park. The goal of the design is to manage traffic and ease congestion. Spring Park is located off of Old Italy Road and is on the west end of Lake Waxahachie.

“We have worked up a design to cordon off our lake and park areas from the parking spaces. Right now we are constructing that. We are building the parking spaces and setting the bumper posts, so the two are not combined,” Smith noted. “Spring Park is located off of Old Italy Road at the west end of the lake. Parking is not laid out properly, and it is busy on the weekends. There is just too many people trying to park there, and it has just overloaded the facility. We are going to design new parking and driveway areas so that we can better accommodate the users.”

Park board members suggested to Smith that in the design that the parking should not be so close to the lake to preserve more of the beach area for residents to use and enjoy. This suggestion will be incorporated into the new design.

Smith then announced to the board that six acres have been dedicated for park use by the developer in the Settler’s Glen subdivision. He shared that is a growing area, and a park has been needed there for some time.

Board members suggested several amenities to be looked at as the development of the park is being planned. Some of these suggestions included soccer fields, a pavilion, a hike and bike trail and a playground.

Board Chairman Chand Hicks suggested if a trail is installed they might consider installing exercise stations. Stations similar to what Hicks suggested are installed along the hike and bike trail that starts in Getzendaner Park. Each station suggests a physical activity and a piece of basic fitness equipment like a pull-up bar people can use.

He also stated that a noticeable entrance to the park would be proper to designate its entry.

Several residents who live on Old Howard Road then addressed the board about massive littering an area that is considered to be park space near Lake Waxahachie. They have cleaned up the area several times and have picked up 40-45 industrial size garbage bags worth of trash. Some of the debris included bottles, general litter, and drug paraphernalia. Before coming to the board, residents stated they contacted the police about the matter.

Smith told the residents while this area is not an official city park coming to the board about this problem was a good step to make. Since the item was not listed as an agenda item, the board could not discuss it but placed it on the agenda for the January meeting.