The Waxahachie Funeral Home hosted its fourth annual memorial on Dec. 5 to celebrate the life of loved ones who have passed. During the service, an ornament in the figure of a small, glass angel was given to each family.

Co-owner Kenneth Dollar said, “That little ornament is for their Christmas tree so every time they look at it, they can remember the loved one they lost."

The funeral home’s motto is “Cherishing life’s memories, ” and this is an event where they fulfill that mission. Co-owner Leta Dollar noted the purpose of this is to keep in touch with those they’ve helped and to be there for them during the holidays.

“We want people to cherish the memory of their loved one, and this is another opportunity for their name to be called and remembered in the community and remembered by the people they loved,” Kenneth said.

Leta mentioned some people come every year to remember their loved ones.

That evening, Sydney Brandon delivered a religious message, followed by the memorial service performed by Larry White.