Ellis County Pct. 4 Commissioner Kyle Butler recently announced his plans for a re-election campaign in 2018.

Butler stated it has been an "honor and privilege" to serve Ellis County for over 11 years.

"Within the last three years of office, I have been able to help maintain a low tax rate, assist in maintaining an AA bond rating from Moody & Fitch, which led to a $7 million savings on refunded bonds," his announcement states. "This included the implementation of an efficient and productive annual fascial budget. It is an Honor to be one of the team members on your Commissioners Court Body.

"As Commissioner I committed to being an efficient, productive and selective steward of your tax dollar. I have worked hard to honor my commitment and move into the future striving for the best for you.

Precinct 4 consists of 213 miles of roadway, 24 bridges, and over 130 subdivisions. The area also includes 33 concrete, 8 asphalt, 169 chip seal, and 4 gravel roadway surfaces.

"The unique style of the precinct and growth has challenged me to seek other alternatives implementing into our rehabilitation maintenance program," Butler added. "In the past three years adding cement slurry to our subgrade base material procedure for a make-ready, the roadway has been implemented. Although this is not a new procedure, it was for us. We have found it makes for a better, longer lasting roadway for the citizens of Precinct 4."

Butler continued, "through our interlocal agreements with the cities that teamed with us at Precinct 4 on a make ready roadway, and using our awarded bid contractors, we have also been able to help them with this procedure saving $46,000 to $48,000 per mile on asphalt finish surface. In addition to saving money, the roadways are lasting longer and more miles per fascial budget year.

"With continued effort and paving the way to the future, we also put together a concrete patch trailer unit with all tools and implements needed to correct voids for our concrete roadways. Also, a crack seal unit for PM on all roads. We will begin these procedures in 2018."

Butler stated his second-term goal is to purchase an asphalt-laydown machine to provide a new finish on the current roadways.

"This will provide a longer lasting roadway and improved commute," he said. "Striving to improve process and procedure, quality and performance for the citizens of Ellis County. I am dedicated and will get the job done."