To the Editor,

Thank you to everyone who made the Waxahachie High Pre-Christmas Craft Fair possible. Every year we are able to raise money to help our impoverished students. We are able to help students at Waxahachie High and the High School of Choice with these funds. We appreciate the coverage from the Waxahachie Daily Light, KBEC and NOW magazine. WISD's support and generosity make this event possible. Last, we would like to thank all the volunteers that work every year for the success. The baseball, golf, soccer and basketball boys help the crafters bring their crafts in and out. The Interact Club and the Chey'ennes work throughout the day. Thank you to all the teachers, administrators and counselors who volunteer to work on their first day of Thanksgiving break. Together, we pull this event off every year.

Because of this "little" craft fair, we are able to provide for the needs of our students. Our goal is for money not to be a deterrent to the high school experience. We could not do it without everyone's support. Thank you to everyone. It's about the kids, y'all.

The Sunshine/Student in Need Committee