My favorite barista drove an old red Jeep while in high school and college, it had the square headlights. When you got it up to 60 mph, you felt like you were landing the space shuttle. It shook like an earth re-entry. #goodtimes

I see an old Jeep like that in town sometimes, and he’s pulling a little trailer loaded with firewood. High five to that guy for using the original SUV for what God intended!

I got on Instagram not too long ago. For the most part, because the Blonde and the college sophomore are on it and were always saying, “Didn’t you see that? I think it was on Instagram.”

There’s a magnifying glass icon on the app, and I think the intent is for you to find pictures of people, places and things that you might have interest in and then to follow the accounts of these people, places, and things. At first, I didn’t pay much attention to this part of the social media app, but then old Jeep pictures started showing up. Old Jeeps with square headlights. Other pictures emerged as well. I identify with “prep life.” Therefore, I have an affinity for Stan Smith tennis shoes, Nantucket, etc. Because they troll your internet life, pictures of people wearing shirts with crocodiles, people wearing Brooks Brothers suits and Hunter boots started to pop up. All of these people look happy, like things are right and it never rains on them, and if even it does they have Hunter boots to keep them dry.

Satan is a liar, and He whispers things like, “If you only had an easy job cutting firewood, loaded it up on a trailer that was pulled by a red Jeep with square headlights, your life would be so much better.” Or, “Go out and buy the Blonde some Hunter boots and she will be happy.” About that time I hear the sound of soft sandaled feet and the voice of the Rabbi saying, “Dude, wake up.” Why believe a lie when I can accept the truth. The truth is the Blonde is the happiest person I know, with or without rain boots (she has some BTW, L.L. Bean). I have cut wood before, fun was not the way I describe it and for driving that red Jeep with square headlights - let’s just say I’m shuttle certified and reentry is not all it’s cracked up to be.

I read somewhere, “be content with what you have (Hebrews 13:5),” I also read, “the truth will set you free (John 8:32).” I’m satisfied and free today, how about you. He told me to tell you that.