LAS VEGAS, Nevada — Midlothian resident Grant Lynch recently placed 11th in the men’s heavyweight division of the 2017 Amateur Strongman National Championship.

Lynch competed as a powerlifter for many years and only recently began competing in Strongman. He qualified for the Strongman National Championships after claiming the title of Houston’s Strongest Man in June.

The National Championship contest invites Strongmen and Strongwomen who have won qualifying events from around the United States. Men and women compete across light, middle, and heavyweight divisions. This year’s men’s heavyweight competition consisted of five events split across two days.

The events, held Nov. 12, were 320-pound Log Clean and Press, 790-pound Frame Lift, 840-pound Yoke Carry, 400-pound Husefeldt Stone Carry, and 360-pound Stone Lift.

Competitors earned points for completed repetitions within a set time or distance weight was carried.

Grant is the eldest son of Waxahachie Global High School principal Ken Lynch.