Did you ever think about the direction our culture has been going during the past 100 years? You may or may not agree with this armchair analysis of a couple of preceding generations and the one of today. But hear me out.

The generation from the early 20th Century down to about 1946 was touted by Tom Brokaw in his best seller as The Greatest Generation. They survived the Great Depression, Dust Bowl, and World War II. The men of that generation anxiously waited in long lines to fight, and possibly die for the freedom of their great nation. These were your flag wavers; your loyalists — a generation that was pregnant with scruples, integrity, and honor. No one dared to remain seated when Old Glory passed by or refused to hold a door for a lady. A handshake was a binding contract. Hard work, God, country, and family were foremost in their hearts.

Next came the Baby Boomers — so named because when the Greatest Generation came home from war, they got jobs, bought small houses in the ‘burbs paying 3 - 4 percent on their mortgage — and they began having babies — lots of them. Hence, the baby boom generation. But the well-meaning Greatest Generation wanted their offspring to “have it better than they did.” Consequently, with many exceptions, the “boomers,” commonly known as the hedonistic “give me” generation, ushered in free love, anti-war protests, as was vividly demonstrated in a giant rock concert in a large field near Woodstock, NY. While many “boomers” found their way into society — into corporate America, the education system, and perhaps church — still, they (and since my birth year is 1948, I have to say “we”) largely set our culture on course toward a moral, ethical nosedive.

Then comes what I’m going to dub the snowflake/cupcake generation. Of course, with many exceptions, this is largely the “it's all about me—I demand a level playing fleld— a trophy for every victory or defeat—choose my own gender—do not hurt my ‘itty bitty’ feelings—content to live in my parent's basement since nobody will give me a four day a week, six-figure, upper management job” ------ generation.

Please know these dismal descriptive terms, in no way describe every single individual in each generation — but very honestly, this is the trend as I see it. You are free to correct me if I’m wrong.

And God have mercy on our nation if the trend is not reversed in the next generation.

But is it too late be reversed? Of course not! — but it will happen when our nation and our western culture humbly falls on its collective face, and prays, seeking the face of Almighty God, (the only true and living God) and turning from our wicked ways, as prescribed in 2 Chronicles 7:14. God has obliged Himself to hear us, forgive us and heal our land when we call on Him.

Let’s do it!