I know I have talked about infidelity before, and cheating and families breaking apart — I guess that’s because I have been a victim of it, so it is a sensitive subject for me. But I speak for everyone out there who has been a victim of it.

I have way too many friends that have dealt with this issue. In fact, what made me focus in on this today, was that I was listening to my favorite radio station program this morning, and a fan wrote in asking if it was “okay” to leave her husband and her little girl, just because her high school fling has been texting her; the same guy that couldn’t commit to her, or offer her a future, when her husband could.

What is it about “The Tingle” that some people need so badly that they are willing to break up, destroy, annihilate (whatever your choice of word made be) a family, another person’s family, or multiple families? Why can’t they realize that “The Tingle” eventually disappears? The “new” eventually wears off. It is like the scent in a new car. It is there for a while, and every time you open your door, you are so excited, but over time it starts to dissipate, but you don’t even notice that it has disappeared, because you are so happy with your car and it has just become a part of you, that you really don’t need the “new car smell” any longer.

So why can’t that be “The Tingle”? It is to me. My comfort zone with my husband is my “Tingle.” Don’t get me wrong. There are still times my stomach still does flips when I see him or hold his hand. Even after 11 years of dating and nine years of marriage, lots of tears through the loss of loved ones, job changes, and just general life ups and downs. He is still “my guy.”

“My Tingle” is knowing that the man I get to lay next to in bed every single night for the rest of my life is my best friend, that he is happy with me, he is happy with his life, and that one day our kids will be gone, and it will be just he and me; and we will be the ones to help one another to the bedroom, or the bathroom, or to the kitchen. And to know that he will never hurt me, or my kids, or our family; nor does he have any interest in another woman, that is “My Tingle.”

I just wish for those of you that have suffered through the pain of a broken heart, that the one that broke your heart is the loser in the end. Because they are the ones with the hole that needs to be filled. For whatever reason their “Tingle” needs to be a constant act of giving and motion in their lives, and that it is not up to you to constantly fill that hole. It is up to you to love them, love yourself, and love your family.

So just remember, that “The Tingle” is a good thing when it is new, but it’s a GREAT thing when it’s old!