Applause greeted Waxahachie Police officers Josh Oliver and Pete Borjas as the mantle of leadership was passed to them on Monday night.

Oliver was promoted to sergeant and Borjas was promoted to corporal in a ceremony held at Waxahachie City Hall.

To reach this milestone, Oliver and Borjas not only had to study material to be tested on but had to be evaluated as well. They were reviewed by assessors outside of the department in an oral board and had to do some written exercises.

“This is a big deal and something that we don’t take lightly. Whenever you can promote from within it is a good thing to do. We have good officers coming up through the department that can take on these higher roles. Congratulations to you all,” Waxahachie City Manager Michael Scott stated. “I want to thank the families of all the officers. It is no small deal when you say goodbye to your loved one each Moring. It is not lost on us, and we appreciate your sacrifice as well as the officers.”

Waxahachie Police Chief Wade Goolsby echoed Scott’s thoughts, remarking that he is confident in the leadership abilities of Oliver and Borjas.

“This is not an easy process. These guys rose to the top, which is no surprise to anyone in the organization. I think that everyone was thrilled to see you two on top of your perspective lists. Goolsby said. “We are really excited about where the department is going, and with you guys moving up it is really giving me confidence in the future of the department. I know that you guys can handle whatever comes along. My congratulations on doing well I am really thrilled.”

Borjas expressed his appreciation for his family and police family who have shown their love and support for him over the years.

“I would not be where I am at today without the love and support that you guys give me. I really appreciate it. To my PD families as well, thank you, guys. I have learned a lot of lessons. I continue to learn from peers and supervisors,” Borjas noted. “I am going to do a good job and I promise that I won’t let you guys down.”

Oliver shared Borjas’ feelings about the day and the significance it plays in the department’s future.

“It is great to have the support of our guys on shift but also our family members. We can’t do it without you guys. I have got church family here that supports us and then I have got my biological family. So it is great to have everyone,” Oliver said. “We took a tour of the new police department (building) and it is a physical reminder of the future of the department. It was neat to hear Chief (Dale) Sigler say this is going to be the sergeant’s office and this is going to be the corporal office. It is neat to see the future of the department. I think that we have it in good hands here.”