The Sims Library is hosting a decorating class on sprucing up the Christmas tree with the latest trends on a simple budget. Participants will help decorate the library tree that will debut for the first time during the Candle Light Tour.

Instructing is Waxahachie’s own interior decorator, Courtney Warren, who was spotlighted on FOX4 for her tree decorating skills on Black Friday. She also was most recently featured in the Home and Gardens magazine “Do It Yourself” special edition.

This free activity is the ideal time to share questions and start discussions where Warren can provide insight. She ensures those participating will leave with plenty of ideas and tips.

Warren will go over different ways to hang ribbon, ornament placement, tips on how to fluff and make a tree look fuller.

“It’s going to be a hands-on tree experience. I want to take them from looking at an empty tree that they just bought and how to make it look like Buddy the Elf came and waved his magic wand,” Warren explained.

Warren said her best tip to a spruced up tree is to avoid making it look flat. When placing ornaments on the tree, not only does the size of the ornament correlate with the placement, but also the depth of placement is important.

“My other tip is, you don’t have to use just ornaments. I love framing family photos, Santa photos, hanging baby shoes, I put numbers on my tree, and old sheet music, and initials. There’s all kinds of really cool, creative ways to make the tree interesting and not just have the traditional red and green balls,” Warren said.

With suggestions on how to embellish a holiday tree, Warren will give advice on what decorations are worth splurging on and saving for.

Warren said the key to purchasing new holiday decorations is to make sure not to get rid of all the old décor, but to keep the best of it and advance on the pieces that are missing.

“But there are some things that never go out of style, especially with Christmas décor. You don’t have to get too trendy. Just a couple of trends and items will go a long way,” she said.

Trending this holiday season is the farmhouse style as well as anything with natural greenery or greenery that looks natural, and absolutely Buffalo check.

“This workshop is for everybody. You don’t have to love decorating, you don’t have to be good at it, and you don’t have to be bad at it. You just have to love Christmas and bring some special magic. Hopefully, we are going to help people kind of advance their Christmas game, make it a little better than last year,” Warren said.

The programming and outreach coordinator for the library, Nicole Matthews said those participating in the class will have their part in decorating the library tree.

“At the event, we will have a hands-on activity that will help decorate the tree. I don’t really want to give it away what it is but you make one, take one,” Matthews said.

After the class, when the Christmas tree is finished, it will make its public debut during the Candle Light Tour.

“We want it to be a community tree. People coming to this event will get to make this ‘thing’ and it will be like us being part of the community and the community being part of us. Which we are, we are here for the community,” Matthews said.

Learn more about revamping holiday decorations at the Sims Library, upstairs in the Lyceum on Nov. 30, starting at noon. A light lunch will be provided. If interested, RSVP on the library’s website, but last minute attendees are always welcomed.