WAXAHACHIE — The DART Foundation donated $50,000 to the Waxahachie Senior Citizens Center for its latest community education program, the "Living Today for Tomorrow" Next Generation Education STEM Garden.

These funds will be used to develop the Technology Teaching area, which will be a main focus area of the STEM garden.

This STEM garden will provide educators with a physical location, educational apparatus, and tools to teach science, technology, engineering, and math. It will give students the opportunity to explore educational problems that may not be part of the standard classroom curriculum. Students will be empowered to learn about water conservation, alternative energy, land and soil management, food production, sustainability, botany, biology, life sciences and more.

In a fun and hands-on learning environment, students will learn creative problem-solving techniques, inquisitive thinking and teamwork skills. Another benefit of this program is that it will bridge the generation gap between senior citizens and youth in the Waxahachie area.

Qualified senior citizens will work together with educators to encourage continued interest in STEM education. Intergenerational interaction dramatically benefits both students and senior citizens. STEM education offers a viable solution to providing qualified workers who can contribute to the global economy.

On Wednesday, Oct. 18, the Waxahachie Senior Citizens Center held special community groundbreaking ceremony for the "Living Today for Tomorrow" Next Generation Education STEM Garden. They also launched their community-wide fundraising campaign, the "Help Us Build a Future" campaign, to raise additional funds to help complete the STEM garden.

Representatives from the Waxahachie Senior Citizens Center, the City of Waxahachie, DART Foundation, DART Corporation and other special guests were all present.

Representatives from DART Foundation presented a check. Citizens had the opportunity to learn more about the project, meet the people making it possible, tour the completed areas of the garden, learn about our community fundraising event, and enjoy refreshments.

To learn more, visit stemeducationgarden.org or call (469) 309-4280 for more information.