WAXAHACHIE — In recognition of faithful service, the Auxiliary to Baylor Scott and White Medical Center – Waxahachie celebrated its volunteers and their outstanding accomplishment of fulfilling a $550,000 pledge. The group raised the final $92,000 to pay off the pledged amount a full two years early.

“You can go to any other hospital in our healthcare system, and this is hands-down the most active, well-organized, disciplined, focus Auxiliary I’ve ever seen in 25 years,” began Chris York, President of Baylor Scott and White Medical Center – Waxahachie (BSSW).

“They are just a tremendous asset to the community the way that they extend care with our care team back at the hospital. They’re absolutely amazing, and we couldn’t do everything that we do without them - they are truly angels,” he added.

As 153 Auxiliary members gathered at the Farley Street Baptist Church on Oct 10, the fall meeting kicked off with York congratulating and thanking the group for not only giving of their time but also their finances towards hospital's expansion.

“They’ve [the Auxiliary] served over 16,000 hours supporting the care that gets delivered at the hospital, and they raised over $92,000 last year through a variety of initiatives that go directly into supporting new technology, equipment, team members, and services,” York explained.

“And they were by a good margin the number one donor to help build the new hospital at $550,000,” he complimented. “That is unbelievably impressive, but what is even more so is the way they pour their hearts out into our hospital and the community on a daily basis. They really are unique.”

As stated in a previous Daily Light article, the W.C. Tenery Hospital Auxiliary began in 1966 with the vision of one man, Dr. W.C. Tenery, who asked a friend of his, Louise Ackley Barclay, to form an auxiliary that would serve the hospital he founded. Fifty years ago that vision took shape and became a vital part of what is now known as the Auxiliary to Baylor Scott & White — Waxahachie.

“Their gift was able to support women’s services and programs within the hospital that wouldn’t have not been made possible without their philanthropy,” expressed Melissa Dalton, Baylor Healthcare Systems Foundation Officer.

Dalton and Sandy Goodenough, the past president of Auxiliary to BSWW, goes on to mention that through the donation made, the hospital designated two naming areas in honor of the Auxiliary, one of which is the gift shop and the other being the outdoor dining area.

“We’re extremely grateful for them and what they do and what they continue to do,” Dalton thanked.

“I am so proud of all of them for not only thinking we could do it but that we did it two years early,” Goodenough added.

Growing over 130 percent, the Daily Light reported that the 70,000-square-foot professional building on the north side of the campus is effectively 100 percent full, as the remaining 1,200 square feet has already been claimed.

As part of the $13 million capital expansion development, York explained that the hospital will now have three additional operating rooms, dialysis and infusion suits, and a sixth floor, thanks to the generosity of the Auxiliary volunteers.

“There will be 25 new beds, patient, and inpatient beds, that will be at this point designated medical beds,” York described. “We’re going to have an inpatient dialysis suit, and an outpatient infusion suite, so that’s going to be a tremendous lift for our hospital and a blessing to care for folks.”

Given the hospital's history of fast growth, York also predicted that it wouldn’t take long for the sixth floor to fill up, which could soon lead to building a second bed tower in the future.

Adding to the jovial recognition, the meeting continued with breakfast and entertainment provided by the Waxahachie YMCA’s High Steppers dancers, encouraging an atmosphere of merriment and celebration.

Throughout the agenda, Sue Simmons, liaison of the Auxiliar, and Ruby Hayes, Auxiliary member, presented a handful of awards to volunteers in active service.

“From July 1, which is the beginning of our fiscal year to September 30 our total hours were 8,421,” Simmons recalled. “And as Chris said, we’re the most active Auxiliary volunteers in the healthcare system. So we have a service pen for those who have reached the 500-hour bar.”

“We also have a team at the hospital called our board of recognition team, and each month we come together and look at ‘Five Star Spirits,’ and that means the people who go above and beyond their jobs,” she explained the next round of awards given.

And last but not least, Simmons awarded the “Emeritus Award” to those who are 65-years-old and above, serving five years and at least 500 hours of volunteer service.

As the meeting ended with cheers, laughter, and expectation for the next meeting scheduled in January 2018, York expressed his sincerest thanks to the volunteers who selflessly serve every day.

“From a hospital, administration standpoint, the lives that they touch both, directly and indirectly, are truly the greatest gift we can receive from each one of them on a daily basis because they do an absolutely amazing job,” York expounded.

“They have the reputation, hands-down, for being the best Auxiliary in the healthcare system by the way that they serve, engage others, and love one another, the hospital, and this community. They are a blessing to the folks they come in contact with each and every day,” he concluded.

To connect with Baylor Scott and White Hospital - Waxahachie, visit bswhealth.com or call (469)-843-4000.


Chelsea Groomer, @ChelseaGroomer