Last Tuesday was National Night Out (NNO) and members of the Ellis County Sheriff's Office, along with our Explorers, went to several of the neighborhood events. I was able to spend time with the fine folks in Palmer and Milford. NNO is the event where law enforcement and other first responder agencies spend some time with the local communities and neighborhoods, in an effort to build better relationships, and where neighbors meet neighbors in an effort to reduce crime and increase communication about things "out of place " in the neighborhood.

No law enforcement agency can be everywhere all the time, so we rely on the citizens to help us out and call in when they see something, recognize someone, or when things just don't seem right. This worked well in one case just recently. We had a series of burglaries in one area of the County, and law enforcement had exhausted all leads. We put the images of possible suspects out to the citizens, and it was a citizen that contacted us with the identity of the burglars.

We definitely want and need the eyes and ears of the communities to help us, and NNO is one way to show that.

Thanks, and see next year on the first Tuesday in October.