Last year, about this time, I started the process of moving my houseplants to the bright and sunny indoor windows. Hopefully to protect them from the harsh winter. Different times of frost or freeze can occur in our temperamental Texas weather. To my surprise, I found a frog, inside the pot. It had made a home in the soil. Another year after moving planters inside, I had flying, stinging insects. There was a large nest on the underside of leaves. Just glad the snakes have not taken up residence in my houseplants. The plants enjoy the warmth of the summer and grow and bloom very well during this time. Then it is time to bring them indoors. Or possibly a beautiful greenhouse. Based on my experience be sure and check the soil and underside of leaves before moving them inside.


Move them inside gradually to condition them before nights get cold. They will be shocked if moved from the hot to cool without conditioning. Reducing water slowly may also be needed since they are no longer in the hot Texas sun

First, move them to a less sunny area for a couple of weeks. They will get used to less sunlight and will have less leaf drop and shock when moved indoors. Now is a good time to repot, if necessary. It’s also a good time to scrub pots and clean foliage with a good water bath.

Pots and plants may need to be sprayed with an insecticide, except for citrus plants, scented geraniums, or other edibles. We want our plants to clean and pest free before coming inside. The first week try to provide some fresh air to minimize environmental relocation shock. Keep growing smart and enjoy the plants during the winter. Based on the amount of sunlight you may need to adjust water and fertilizer.