WAXAHACHIE — Take a step back in time with rifle-shooting sheriffs, arrow-slinging bandits, and kings knighting only the bravest of guests in a character-driven dining experience of the new Diamond Saddle restaurant.

Opening its stage doors to the public on Sept. 27, the restaurant is complemented by a revolving show that ranges from Robin Hood to the Old West and King Arthurs Court of Camelot for an entertaining evening for the whole family.

“For me, it’s been a 17-year dream,” began David Bauman, Owner of the Diamond Saddle. “I’m a musician, songwriter, and recording artist so I’ve been in that field for years and the ultimate dream (for the restaurant) is a 90-minute dinner show and to be a place where people can come, have a great time and just have a lot of laughs and fun.”

“We actually had a lot of excitement from the community about opening and starting something like this. I think it’s just because there’s nothing like it around here,” he added.

According to Bauman, the restaurant includes upscale fine dining, prepared by gourmet chefs and over-the-top service from “cast members,” and themed décor to add to the imaginative ambiance of the show.

“We have cast members, not staff,” Bauman clarified. “And we will never have a customer come through the door – we have guests.”

Bauman goes on to explain Diamond Saddle’s buffet will feature a different meat each night on the carving board along with a “chef’s special” that includes the "all-you-can-eat" soup and salad bar.

Located on South Highway 287, the charming establishment mixes both theater performances, musical covers, and a feast fit for royalty in a family-friendly atmosphere.

“It’s a fun family place to come to,” Bauman affirmed. “On Saturday’s we have our ‘Themed Character Dining, ’ and we actually have seven character dining’s lined up where families can meet and greet with some of our favorite storybook characters and historical figures.”

And for those who might be unfamiliar with a “character dining” experience, Bauman explains that it’s a concept that stretches from a first-date icebreaker to a family-getaway adventure, involving audience to interact and join along.

“Our guests will come in and sit at their tables, and the characters and the villain will come out, and they’ll interact with the crowd, introduce themselves, and we’ll have music playing along with it,” Bauman described.

“They’ll (the characters) come around to each table and take time with each family so the kids can visit with them, take pictures with the characters. So we’ll have King Arthur knight the kids, Robin Hood will introduce his merry men, and Merlin will do some magic tricks,” he added.

Starting off the year’s performance with the “The Feast of Sherwood Forest,” Bauman goes on to note that Robin Hood will be joining the first show, along with some of his friends.

“It'll first be a Robin Hood, and then after a couple of weeks, we’ll have Camelot’s roundtable with King Arthur, Merlin, and Guinevere. So it’s a fun time for families and kids," Bauman expounded.

Though the restaurant is in its first phase of its two-part plan to build a theater in the near future, Bauman is thankful he’s been embraced by the community and is looking forward to seeing more families visit.

“I wanted a place where people can come enjoy a meal, have fun, and just forget about the worries of the day, and take a few minutes to get away from the hustle and bustle,” Bauman expressed.

“All I want to do is make people laugh and smile. Laughter is really good for us physically, emotionally, and mentally, so that’s what I’m doing, and we’re glad to be here,” he concluded.

To connect to the Diamond Saddle, go to 3670 South Highway 287 in Waxahachie or call (972)-937-6664.


Chelsea Groomer, @ChelseaGroomer