WAXAHACHIE —With a knack to fit any size boot and a heart to serve the community, Edward, and Marla Tamez have added their new business, Bellas and Broncos Bootique, to West Main Street with more than meets the eye.

“This is a dream,” began Mr. Tamez about their shop. “All of my life I have been helping other people grow their businesses, and through all my years I was wanted to run my own business."

"Well, now it’s my turn," he grinned.

“And we also look at this business as a way to have something for our kids and grandkids that we can pass down as a family business,” Mrs. Tamez agreed with her husband’s comment.

From authentic western wear to exotic boots, Bellas and Broncos Bootique is a unique mix of classy ruggedness that’s a one-stop-shop for current accessories, fashionable hats, button-ups, and those perfect-fit jeans.

“We’re trying to bring some new styles and options, combined with durable Western wear at good-quality and very friendly prices,” Mrs. Tamez noted. “We really do have great products at great prices.”

Dealing directly with their manufacturers, Mr. Tamez explained that their store is able to keep costs low when it comes to customization and quality of a product.

“If you come to see and test the quality of our product, it may not be a famous brand, but the quality of it is just as good as any other brand,” Mr. Tamez emphasized.

“Some of our boots are actually in Blue Barn, Cavender’s, and stores like that as well, but our prices are way better,” Mrs. Tamez went on to list their brands that include Cadena, Angus Boots, Innovation Boots, and much more.

But what sets this store apart is not only its pumping DJ-like music playing outside and its interior chic shelf display but its customizable options of any shoe size.

“We had this one guy come in, and he was a size 13, and he was like, ‘I need a zipper because my calves are really big,’” Mrs. Tamez recollected. “And I said, ‘Hey look, we can customize from top to bottom.’ And he was like, ‘Really?’”

“So he started going around the store and was like, ‘Okay, I want this sole, I want this color, and I wanted this zipper,’” she chuckled. “So I completed his boot and shipped it off, and he was so happy when he got it and said it was exactly what he wanted.”

“If you can dream up a boot, we can create it,” Mr. Tamez added. “From logos to specific leather, size, colors, rubber or square, we can customize it to what you want.”

Mrs. Tamez goes on to note the store's services also range in boot repairs, hat detailing and deep cleanings as well.

“He (Mr. Tamez) is one of the best, and does amazing work on hats and boots,” Mrs. Tamez complimented. “And so far, our customers have been so pleased with what he can do - he can take out pretty much any stain, he’s that good.”

“I do my best, but I don’t do miracles,” Mr. Tamez joked. “So far, the people that visit us, they are really impressed, and they leave happy and satisfied with the result that we give.”

With over 20 years of advertising experience with Dallas’ television broadcasting company, Univision, and ten years with Gomez Western Wear, Mr. Tamez’s dream finally became a reality this past July when they opened their doors to the public.

“My wife had a friend in Waxahachie that fell in love with our boots, and she said, ‘You should come to Waxahachie,’ and that it’s a great opportunity and no other store like it carries what we do,” Mr. Tamez recalled.

“So we checked it out, loved the town, and we put everything into our store,” he added. “We had to sell a car, a trailer, and we went through a lot to get here.”

Though Mr. Tamez has found success in every industry he put his hands to, he recalled a season that he says he will never forget.

“I was homeless for about a year-and-a-half living out of my truck a long time ago, so I know the needs that are out there,” Mr. Tamez articulated. “From that experience, I know what its like not to have enough money or how important it is to have electricity.”

“So I hope that I can help others because that’s honestly my dream and goal to one day have the chance to help those in the community to not go through the things I had to go through,” he nodded. “We want to help and grow the community that surrounds us and the people in need.”

Since moving in, the couple has done just that, already getting involved in the community by giving back.

“So far we’ve worked with a couple of churches, and we’ve helped sponsor the Bridges barbeque event,” Mr. Tamez mentioned. “God brought us here for a reason, and we want to contribute to the community, so we donated boots and hats.”

“Since we’re a volunteer-run organization, we went into their store and asked for donations for our barbeque bash we just had,” jumped in MeLissa Boler, President of Bridges Training Foundation LLC.

“And we just happened to go into their store, and he was like, ‘Yes, I’m going to give you boots, hats, a belt, and I’m going to set you up.’ And I was not expecting that at all,” she recollected. “They not only customize their boots, but they really customize their service to the individual that walks in.

"He (Mr. Tamez) is so stinking nice and so kind and helpful that I can’t say enough great things about them,” Boler added.

As the holidays near and the shopping season begins, the Tamez’s encourage those interested to stop by their family business from some great holiday specials, and a chance to get to know them.

“Our heart is to be apart of the community, and not just be in it,” Mr. Tamez expressed. “We do our best, and we hope people come to see what we have because it's not only our boots here, but it’s our hearts and our lives here too. So we welcome the community to come out and see us.”

To connect with Bellas and Broncos Bootique, visit bellasandbroncosbootique.com or call (469)-954-3535. To stop by the store, go to 512 West Main Street, Waxahachie.


Chelsea Groomer, @ChelseaGroomer