There are simply no words to describe adequately what the world witnessed and what America experienced last Sunday night in Las Vegas. Of course, no amount of anger and despair any of us feel is comparable to what the families and loved ones of those murdered feel. It was an act of pure evil, one that should never occur anywhere. That it did in our country is deeply troubling and tragic.

Before there was barely an utterance of reliable information about the terror, like clockwork, some on the left pushed their ‘gun control’ button and mouths started to run. From Hillary Clinton, a woman for whom no more attention should be given, to wild-eyed politicians and hyperactive commentators on MSNBC, CNN and the like to dopey entertainers who think we care about what they think, we heard the same old predictable spin about how guns kill and that it’s time to abolish the second amendment. The left calls it ‘gun control’ only because to call it what it really is would reveal the essence of the party – power, growth of government and control. If loss of life was the real concern, abortion would be outlawed and Planned Parenthood would be abolished.

The idea that guns are the problem is silly on more levels than I have time to write and you have time to read. Guns aren’t the issue and never have been. Mental illness, criminals and psychopaths are the issue and always have been. Not only is it true that mass murders without the use of guns have been committed in this world in all sorts of ways, it’s also true that a person obsessed enough with killing people will always find a way.

Here is but a sample of the mass murders committed in the United States and abroad without any use of guns:

August 2017 – 13 people were murdered and over 100 injured in Barcelona. They were killed with a van.

May 2017 – 22 people were murdered and 59 injured in Manchester England. They were killed and injured with explosive devices.

April 2017 – four people were murdered and 15 injured in Stockholm. They were killed and injured with a truck.

December 2016 – 12 people were murdered and 48 injured in Berlin. They were killed with a truck.

July 2016 – 84 people were murdered in Nice France. They were killed with a truck.

March 2016 – 32 people were murdered and more than 300 injured in Brussels. They were killed with bombs.

August 2014 – 22 people were murdered in Bangkok. They were killed by a pipe bomb.

March 2014 – 31 people were murdered while riding a train in China. They were killed with knives.

April 2013 – three people were murdered and 264 injured in Boston. They were killed and injured by pressure cooker bombs.

March 2010 – more than 500 Christians were murdered in Nigeria. They were killed with machetes.

June 2008 – four people were murdered in Los Angeles. They were killed with swords and a baseball bat.

February 2003 – 133 people were murdered in South Korea. They were killed with gasoline and a lighter.

September 2001 – 2,996 people were murdered in Manhattan. They were killed with commercial airliners.

April 1995 – 168 people were murdered in Oklahoma City. They were killed by a truck bomb.

March 1995 – 13 people were murdered on a Tokyo subway. They were killed with Sarin gas.

March 1990 – 87 people were murdered in Brooklyn. They were killed with gasoline and two matches.

November 1978 – 912 people were murdered in Guyana South America. They were killed with poisoned grape juice.

May 1927 – 45 people were murdered at a Michigan school. They were killed with dynamite.

September 1911 - six people were murdered in Colorado Springs. They were killed with an axe handle.

None of us can recall the left clamoring for restricting or eliminating vans, knives, machetes, axe handles, gasoline, fertilizer, nails, pressure cookers, trucks, dynamite and airplanes because they never have. Ever wonder why?

What happened in Las Vegas didn’t happen because of guns. What happened in Vegas, just as in the 19 mass murders above, happened because a deranged man chose to kill innocent people. One of those innocent people was a high school classmate of mine, Tommy Day. Tommy lost his life while on vacation with his four adult children and what I’m sure were many new-found friends. Like the others, Tommy simply wanted to enjoy the warm Vegas air, the bright lights of the Vegas strip and some great country music. Their lives weren’t cut short because of a gun or the absence of gun control. Tommy and 57 others lost their lives because an evil, sick maniac killed them.

The sooner we all understand that, the better.