To the Editor,

I carefully read the September 27 article about Coach Micah Fletcher’s problems with WHS head football coach, Jon Kitna. There were several quotes by Mr. Fletcher presenting his side of the story. I did not see any, much less an equal number, of direct quotes from Coach Kitna. I would like to hear about his interpretation of events. I would also enjoy reading an article about the fifteen football players that were baptized last Sunday morning. Or how about a story on the hundreds of sandwiches that Jen Kitna’s program feeds each week to any students that come to the field house? Perhaps we could receive an insight from one of the young students who not only went without breakfast that morning, but also had not eaten the night before. The increase in the G.P.A. of the football players during Coach Kitna’s time here would be an interesting story. Or how about the requirement that any football player with a grade average of less than eighty in a class is mandated by Coach Kitna to attend a study hall until the grade is raised?

I want to clarify that I am not writing this letter as a school board trustee nor am I speaking for anyone else. I write it as an individual who recognizes how fortunate Waxahachie is to have Jon Kitna as our football coach.

Joe Langley, Waxahachie