To the Editor,

We cannot see it, but we know it is present when we launch a kite or see a flag waving on a pole. The Bible depicts the wind as the Breath of God in His creations. Where is the wind when Old Glory droops on its flagpole in sadness during our recent public knee protests? Surely the Spirit of God salutes America and its freedom of speech stance, Ecclesiastes reveals there is a time and purpose for everything. Best to speak and protest in the appropriate setting; best to honor and respect Old Glory during the national anthem. She can proudly flutter in the right wind speed but too much force, and it shreds to pieces! America is being ravaged by too much wind, with hurricanes of hatred, whirlwinds of controversy, causing our landscape to be altered from green pastures to the fallen debris of dissension, delusions, and despair. Is it the forces of nature or misgivings of mankind?

Some actions we can individually control; actions of others we cannot. But like the invisible wind, we can be a force to influence those around us by speaking up against fallacies, hatred, and disrespect. Don't let Old Glory be tattered by gale force political prejudices and consider the lyrics of Francis Scott Key when he recalled the resilience of the Stars and Stripes as it continued to wave after the all-night battle of rockets. Rather let the Breath of God breathe the right wind over our nation.

Gloria Harmon, Waxahachie