To the Editor,

Statues are part of some religious campuses. But some Christian-based congregations do not display religious figures. Those of the Jewish faith may use menorahs or prayer shawls, but one of the Ten Commandments admonishes..."thou shalt not have other gods before me,"

Apparently, terrorists Isis, who profess the nation of Islam, destroyed ancient monuments in Syria, since they had gods carved on the artwork.=

This week we have confederate monuments being removed in Austin, in the unpublicized darkness of night. Statues of Presidents George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln are being scrutinized, even Mount Rushmore and several displayed figures in the Capitol Rotunda. Why wasn't this an issue 50 years ago, during the Civil Rights Movement? Is this part of a politically correct agenda or a new persuasion for America?

Last week I wrote about, who has the right to freedom of speech and peaceful assembly? Last night I heard the new justice counsel formed to tract down various white supremacists groups that protested in Charlottesville, Va. with Federal hate crime violations. The dilemma is: the counter protestors who used bats and hateful violence in the confrontations, are excused from their offenses! Have the scales of justice been tipped and a bag put over the head of lady justice?

Google and Facebook, like lady justice, are slowly eliminating posting views THEY deem unsavory; they could be political, socially divergent, or even of a religious persuasion. They are following a media trend of news, and publications that are leaning toward promoting liberal and progressive ideologies, over traditional and conservative ideals. It's easy to see why President Trump is surrounded by so much resistance and hateful opposition. Is this freedom of speech or brain-washing propaganda? Is this the slow formation of a nationwide mind-set (religion) that many people used to call communism? Maybe we can call this new religion, "Imagine," like the John Lennon song.

I've said it before, and I'll say it again. Do you have any personal beliefs? Do you recognize there is a Supreme Being or not? Have you studied and reasoned your convictions? Why do other isms exist? If you answered "yes'" to the above, then you may like a new religion.


Gloria Harmon, Waxahachie