To the Editor,

Hello my name is Kathy Green, and my son is Kevin Green No. 9 on the Varsity Waxahachie football team, and I don't know if you will write this article or mention it but right now my heart is so full of appreciation I just wanted to tell the whole city!!!

I wish I could stand up in the middle of the stadium and tell the people of Waxahachie how much I appreciate them!!!

My son was hurt at the Red Oak Waxahachie football game and my son told us he could not feel his legs..... he was taken away in the Hospital ambulance. As a mother, you can only imagine how I felt my husband then became overwhelmed with sadness and his blood pressure shot up to 206 / 100, and then they took him away in the ambulance as well!!!!!

I was bewildered and disoriented, to say the least half of my family was down, but the people of Waxahachie (or at least the people that were at the game) stopped and prayed for my son not all of them know us personally, and Jon Kitna had the boys stop for a second and pray. Coach Kitna has been such a blessing to our family and to the football organization. Coach Kitna and the entire staff are awesome individuals, and the City of Waxahachie came together that night..... it didn't matter what background, how much money you have, who your parents are was one heartbeat that night and I just wanted to say thank you to coach Kitna, the staff and, all the people who cared about my son that night.

Is so much bad stuff going on that I just wanted to take a turn to say some good stuff no matter who you are everybody deserves to hear when they are appreciated.

Thank you,

Kathy Green