To the Editor,

Sunday nite was the Emmy Awards. It proved to be a true reflection of Hollywood glamour, glitz, and another public venue to expose contempt for President Trump. I didn't know Danny Glover was such an oppressed African American? The 9 to 5 ladies wanted to hogtie Trump and chain him to the ceiling! I would like to "thank-you" Hollywood and present you with the "Anti make America great again award." But the list goes on.

I wish to thank Hillary Clinton for her "uplifting" expose. "What Happened?" This week she wanted viewers to understand what a victim she is!

She was "creeped out" on stage with him and she had an "out of body experience" at his inauguration. That creeped me out! Her new battle cry is "resistance!" Are you listening general public and yet-to-be-formed young minds still so impressionable?

As an art and history lover, I am witnessing a new wave of dissent for certain statues that stood tall even during the turbulent civil rights movement of the Sixties and those protestors were NOT centered on them but more important for equal rights issues. Now we are being expected to hate past Generals, Presidents, and Explorers and deny our American history! How will school texts read in the near future? What will students not be taught, but rather what will they be exposed to, just a certain persuasion?

Those infamous groups clad in white robes and masks spewed their hatred for over a 100 years; now we have protestors masquerading in black apparel and masks known as Antifa, who want young people to take up their cause of aggression and anarchy and destruction of speech and property.

Should an ESPN female broadcaster be recognized for using her media forum to describe Trump and his staff as white supremacists? It may not be so appalling IF ONLY she could give real examples to back her political venom (on a sports venue) for the public to analyze. But if you are keen and notice, only political bouts of hatred, with NO substantial reasons for them. Just using public venues to spout HATRED for our new President. I wonder if Hollywood, Hillary, ESPN, and others are really PROUD of their agitating and promoting hatred?

Could we benefit more from exposure to the media of the 100's of acts of kindness and heroism by common Americans, and even some Hollywood and sports figures during hurricanes Harvey and Irma? This is President Trump's image of a Great America.

I am finding myself beginning to hate what I hear more and more. But I must remember the words of Jesus, "to love your enemy and pray for them," just as He did. Now He is an example to follow! And His followers know All the venom directed at Him by others was false and full of hatred and jealousy because they were loosing their influence and control of the public. And it is refreshing to see a President like Donald Trump at work for us and telling us to love each other if we are to make America great again! Love Trump Hate!

Gloria Harmon, Waxahachie