Work continues in south Texas to rebuild lives and homes in the wake of Hurricane Harvey. Seeing the need of their fellow Texans, members of the Ellis County Sheriff’s Explorers raised $1,000 to help in the recovery efforts.

The funds will go to support the Ellis Christian Disaster Relief Team who works with the Texas Baptist Men.

Joe Bond, who is the Unit Leader with the Ellis Christian Disaster Relief Team, stated that this donation would help continue their mission of aiding others when a disaster happens. The team based in Ellis County works as a mud out unit, which works to gut homes and prepares them to be rebuilt.

“When a house has been flooded we will remove all of the flooring, carpet and the pad and take all of that out," Bond explained. "We will then cut out all of the walls. If is sheetrock, we cut out the sheetrock about a foot above the flood line. Then we will power wash it and spray a mold killer on that so the people can begin to rebuild.”

According to the group’s website, it has five teams that can be called out by the Texas Baptist Men. These units include a clean out team who is equipped with power washers, shovels, trashcans, wheelbarrows, vacuums, and other tools. They have a tent team that has a 40-foot-by-60-foot tent with tables and chairs. There is also a box team that has a 14-foot cargo trailer that can hold about 3,000 boxes and a shower and laundry team. This team has a 28-foot cargo trailer with 6 showers, one washer, and two dryers.

Bond shared they are currently trying to raise funds to send this unit to south Texas, but the group's resources are stretched thin at the moment. Ellis Christian Disaster Relief currently has the shower and laundry unit in the City of Rockport, and there are also other groups working in the City of Katy.

The Ellis County Sheriff’s Explorer Post is a group of 15-to-20-year-old youth who work to impact the community while learning about the career field of law enforcement with hands-on training.

Post Advisor Deputy Hunter Barnes said when the hurricane hit the Texas cost post members wanted to lend a hand. Barnes stated that the group raises funds to support its operations with such activities like parking vehicles at Scarborough Renaissance Festival and Screams Halloween Theme Park.

“Once Hurricane Harvey hit it was brought to my attention that they wanted to make some type of donation to the disaster relief. I did a little bit of research and found a couple (of groups) that they could choose from. They chose the Ellis County Disaster Relief Team,” Barnes stated. “A lot of people think that in law enforcement we just do one thing and that is not true. We are all about community as well and when you have a group of young men and women that decide that they want to donate to a disaster relief team and keep it local that makes me feel really good.”

Barnes stated that he also wanted to thank Sheriff’ Chuck Edge and his wife for their support with a matching personal donation of a $1,000 that went to aid the Salvation Army.

Explorer Post Capt. Sara Segura shared Barnes thoughts about making the donation.

“For me, it means giving back to our community in any way that we can,” Segura said. “We want to provide help to anyone that needs help. That is what we are here for.”