WAXAHACHIE — In celebration of the community, Waxahachie Family Dentistry is hosting its fifth annual “Free Dental Care Day” to give back to those who support them throughout the year.

“This is our way to give back to the community as a ‘thank you’ for what we’ve been able to do in providing services in Waxahachie in the last 17 years,” expressed Dr. Scott Clinton, doctor of dental surgery and master of the academy of general dentistry of Waxahachie Family Dentistry.

“And it’s truly, absolutely free with no strings attached. This day is for the community,” he explained.

“There is literally no catch to this – you just show up,” added Noelle Carmen, Waxahachie Family Dentistry’s Marketing Director. “I’ve had people tell me, ‘What do I really pay?’ And we keep saying, ‘There is absolutely no charge for this.’ It just costs them their time and waiting in line.”

Scheduled for this Saturday, Oct. 7, three free dental services will be offered that include cleanings, extractions, or fillings to locals.

“So if anybody needs anything in terms of those, that’s what we’re trying to take care of,” Clinton affirmed. “We’ve had a lot of patients come back, and we get to see them over and over, and so that’s fun for me.”

Partnering with the Dentistry With a Heart nonprofit, Dr. Pedro Franco and Dr. Howard Price of DFW Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, and Dr. Brent Johnson of Lakeside Endodontics, Clinton also notes a new service added to this year’s event.

“This year, we’re teaming up with an Endodontist as well, so normally, we don’t offer root canals, but he will be here offering his services as well,” Clinton recognized. “If we diagnose a tooth is needing a root canal, then he can take care of that for them.”

As the dental office guarantees to see 50 patients, Clinton encourages those interested in lining up early to reserve a spot.

“So we ask people not to start lining up until we’re finished with Friday at 6 p.m.,” Clinton clarifies. “But they can start lining up after then. We’ve had people come the night before and start lining up or early the morning of because it’s ‘first come first serve.’ So if you’re here first, you’ll be the first patient in.”

“So if you show up at four in the afternoon and plan on being seen because people have been waiting in line, we typically shut down any new patients earlier in the day and just take care of who we have to see, so come early,” he encouraged.

“Also, while people are waiting in line, we encourage them to bring their own supplies,” Carmen jumped in. “That means, bring supplies of water, food, snacks, medications, warm clothes if it’s cold because sometimes it takes a while to be seen.”

When asked why Clinton and his staff do this every year, he responded with what most residents would expect – neighborly compassion.

“It’s the most fun day of doing dentistry for me because its meeting people exactly where they are,” Clinton articulated. “And it’s always up in spirit because everyone is just serving. I don’t pay anyone to work this weekend. It’s all volunteers because we’re giving back. So everyone has the same positive spirit and absolute exhaustion at the end of the day, but it’s worth it.”

“I really think, ‘How can I help them leave this place better than when they walked in?’ So we numb you up, take the tooth out, and send you on your way, and I had a part in helping make you better, and I get to do that over and over again,” he smiled. “And it’s turbo-mode for us and the hardest day in dentistry where I’m standing up to eat, but it’s so much fun.”

With the highest record of 83 patients registered in 2016, Clinton hopes this year they’ll be able to beat the odds as they have accrued one oral surgeon, one endodontist, and five hygienists to fill residents’ dental needs.

“It takes a big operation to do something like this,” Clinton acknowledged. “When I was in a small operation, I couldn’t provide an option like this, so as apart of partnering with others, we can take on a lot more.”

“So we hope to help patients where they’re at and see as many as we can this Saturday,” he finished.

The Waxahachie Family Dentistry’s “Free Dental Care Day” is scheduled for Saturday, Oct. 7 at 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Registration begins at 7:30 a.m. and the event will be held at 125 Park Place Boulevard. For more information, visit waxfamdent.com or call (972)-937-4370.


Chelsea Groomer, @ChelseaGroomer