RED OAK — The Red Oak High School Agricultural program understands the importance of preparing students for their future in more ways than one.

As always, ROHS Veterinary Medical students strive to exemplify the FFA motto: “Learning to do, doing to learn.” The Veterinary Medical classes offered at ROHS educates students by teaching the essential skills and knowledge needed to become productive contributors to the veterinary medical profession.

Recently, three ROHS students completed all program requirements, which consisted of 500 hours work experience under the supervision of a DVM or LVT and an agricultural science teacher. Each ROHS student mastered all required Level I materials, demonstrated the hands-on skills required by TVMA and successfully completed the certification examination.

“As the Veterinary Medical teacher at ROHS, I am super proud of Benjamin Stanfill, Katherine Taylor, and Dakota Overall for their hard work, dedication, and commitment to fulfilling their ambitions of receiving a CVA 1,” Adam Robinson said. “The Veterinary Medical program is a recent addition for our students and just another way that ROISD Agricultural programs are preparing students for a successful future.”

The ROHS Agricultural program and FFA would like to thank the Animal Hospital of Ovilla and Dr. Mark Stanfill for helping start this program and for his support in past years.