Rednecks, NASCAR and a pile of cash are the elements that make “Logan Lucky” a fun and entertaining film to watch at the theater.

Jimmy Logan (Channing Tatum) is down on his luck after being laid off from his construction job at Charlotte Motor Speedway. After returning home, he is faced with the possibility of losing his daughter in a custody battle with his ex-wife. Needing to make a quick buck to pay for a lawyer Jimmy ponders robbing the Speedway during a NASCAR race.

Jimmy sees the racetrack as a viable option due to the ongoing construction work to repair sinkholes in the infield. After devising a plan, Jimmy recruits a team of oddballs to help him carry out the work.

The story of this movie is to the point and does not chase a lot of side plots. What really makes this film work are its characters. They are so strange and weird that you just want to get to know them more over a cup of coffee.

Jimmy’s brother, for example, Clyde (Adam Driver), is a slow talking one-handed bartender that is not afraid to share his thoughts.

When Clyde discovers Jimmy’s heist plan on the refrigerator, he offers up a few words. He remarks, “My life of crime is over, but you did make breakfast this morning and even burnt the bacon like I like. I also saw that you have some kind of robbery to do list. I know this attempt to be organized is a big step for you.”

Another set of characters is a pair of brothers, Fish (Jack Quaid) and Sam Bang (Brian Gleeson), who Jimmy is told are computer experts. Jimmy and Clyde meet the gang at the county fair as they are pitching toilet seats like horseshoes.

When Jimmy asks Sam about his computer skills he replies, “I know everything there is to know about computers. Ok? All the twitters. I know them.”

An unexpected surprise in this movie was the casting of Daniel Craig as the heist’s explosive expert, Joe Bang. Craig is known more for his action roles, not for comedy. This role has some memorable scenes where Craig shines brightly. He brings that right amount of cynicism and humor to the character to make him weird enough to be likable.

One such scene is when he is being recruited to join the heist. Jimmy and Clyde go to speak with him while he is in jail. When Jimmy asks Joe, “How goes it,” Joe states, “That I am sitting on this side of the table wearing a onesie. How do you think that it is going?”

If your looking for something different to see this weekend then “Logan Lucky” is a movie that will fit the bill.

I give “Logan Lucky” four mustaches out of five.

It is rated PG-13 for language and some crude comments and runs 118 minutes.

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