Riots rage. Protests turn violent. People hate. Statues fall. Terror permeates. People die.

The last place on the planet ever to be described in such ways should be the United States of America. Yet, despite all the riches, all the talent, all the grace and all the opportunity, here we are. It’s no longer a slippery slope we’ve edged on to, it’s a landslide of moral bankruptcy and profound obscenity. What happened in Charlottesville two Saturdays ago, just like what happened in Dallas last year, is a national disgrace. Anyone espousing white supremacy should be rejected as should any group built on hate whether white, black or psychedelic. As far as I’m concerned, the Aryan Nation, BLM, KKK, Antifa and groups like them can go straight to the hell they create for the rest of America.

When the beliefs upon which any group bases its actions become a sick justification for terror, intimidation, immorality, and exclusion, that group becomes like those above. With the so-called mainstream media, whatever the heck that means anymore, and the left in this country in frenzied, palpable joy at the prospects of blaming everything under the sun on Trump, the world burns. America is no longer simply feeling the sears of violence and death emanating from war-torn countries. We’re now on fire, as well. As such, I’m all for the removal of any iconic element in this country that stands for racism, oppression, and dishonor but only when done legally and with some modicum of historical knowledge. Anyone stupid enough to scale a statue and tear it down like some rabid animal is likely to be as ignorant when it comes to even knowing the reason for such a statue. As for protestors in Charlottesville, neither side of that divide represents this country yet this country finds itself consumed with the actions of both. That a young lady was killed because of violent protests is deeply tragic and sad, not to mention shameful.

So who lit the match? There’s no doubt in my mind about who not only lit it but who fuels the flames 24/7 ... and it’s not Donald Trump. Much like the creepy arsonist who starts a fire only to come watch it burn as some innocent onlooker, so are the not-so-subtle actions of liberal media outlets in America. These shallow outlets, once defined by a degree of fairness and ethics in how news was reported, are the same outlets that today couldn’t care less about hiding the bias and dishonesty each thread through its news reports every night. What was once reserved for opinion pages and commentary now infects all aspects of the information shared. And, as tempting as it is for me, I’ll refrain from detailing the role I think Obama and his cronies play in fanning those same flames. Just know this, Obama can push out all the optics he wants hamming it up with the rich and famous, but anyone with a shred of intellectual honesty knows the ‘Saul Alinsky’ kind of morals Obama embodies. From personal destruction to purposeful manipulation of voting classes to creating racial and economic strife, Obama and Alinsky are as one. We can throw Hillary in the mix while we’re at it.

America has known forever it seems just how sick and deplorable the KKK and white supremacists groups in this country are. Having spent a decade working for a newspaper in Montgomery Alabama, located next door to the Southern Poverty Law Center, the raw depravity of such groups became clear to me through friendships with some at the Center. Back then the SPLC was focused on helping minorities in the south hold the KKK, Aryan Nation and other similar deadbeats accountable for the hate crimes they committed. SPLC is a much different organization now, but its original purpose was admirable and right. Any group that believes its race is superior should be denied a place in a diverse society and any act based on some delusion of racial superiority that harms others should result in the worst form of punishment.

Waxahachie is an extraordinary place because of its communal focus on God, family, compassion, and kindness. As a result, the world can burn around us without the fear of us getting burned. We all play a role in keeping it that way whether a volunteer, teacher, pastor, coach, parent, business leader, public official or community newspaper. If you’ve followed this column for any length of time, you know by now that some who call Waxahachie home have attempted to inflict damage here with their misguided obsessions and disgraceful behaviors. If you wonder why I’ve taken the time to tell you about them these past few years, let recent events in Charlottesville and Durham serve as examples of why radical activists with nothing but axes to grind, wild claims to make and the hope of easing their own troubled minds must always be exposed.

Yes, the world burns and we shouldn’t ignore it. For in being aware, we can douse any flame that threatens this shining community.

You can bet I will.