I read a book several years ago entitled, "ReJesus," and it changed my life. The book challenges you to rethink who Jesus is and how we should relate to Him daily.

Most of us think of Jesus wearing that white toga with the blue sash or having a glow just over his head — this is how he is portrayed in paintings. We also think of Jesus as being this really nice guy who went around doing really nice things and that everybody loved Jesus the way we do now. Listen, they don’t kill the prom king on a cross.

Jesus was a radical, He was controversial, He was not conventional, He was famous but He wasn’t very popular. The ones that did follow Him only did so for free food or free healthcare.

Jesus was a truth teller and while the truth can set us free it doesn’t always make us happy. Think about the last time you went to the doctor and she told you that you needed to lose some weight. Last time I went to the doctor she told me to gain some weight and it ticked me off, so I get it.

Most of us think of Jesus as being well groomed with a good tan, kind of a nice looking dude but He probably looked more like the guy that owns and or serves behind the counter at the convenience store. We forget Jesus was a Jew and from the middle east. We don't always like people who don't look like us or share our customs, do we?

If Jesus sent His resume to most churches searching for a pastor, He would get overlooked for His lack of education, His honesty and His lack of orthodoxy. To be real, if we met Jesus on the street, I don’t know if we would be impressed or even like the guy very much. He would not look or act like our version of the King of kings.

Did you ever get a Christmas gift and it was not what you had hoped for? Jesus is kind of like that. Maybe that gift was not what you wanted, but it was exactly what you needed. That’s Jesus.

In Luke 4:30 Jesus leaves the synagogue after teaching. When Jesus leaves the building, it is more significant than Elvis having left the building because Jesus is all there is.

I grew up in the church and we sang, “Jesus is all the world to me I want no better friend.” That’s truth that will get you through your day. My hope is the modern church will embrace and enjoy Christ for who He really is and not for what and who we want Him to be. He told me to tell you that.