WAXAHACHIE — Following last December’s successful honors ceremony, the Waxahachie High School Ex-Student Association’s Fine Arts Hall of Fame awarded $1,000 scholarships to three exceptional students in May.

Established in 1961, the Ex-Students Association has awarded an annual scholarship to graduating WHS seniors for the last 56 years, adding the Fine Arts Hall of Fame branch in 2016 to honor those students in pursuit of a fine arts career.

“The Ex-Students Association scholarship has a threefold purpose,” began Margret Felty, president of the Ex-Students Association and 1967 WHS alumna. “The first one is to undergraduates that are excelling in the field of fine arts.”

“Second, it’s to support and to promote the fine arts department at our high school, and third, it’s to provide scholarships for students who seek a college education in a fine arts area,” she included.

And in doing so, WHS art teacher Sean Cagle, and Felty awarded Emory Morrill, Delaney Pricer and Morgan McGlothlin with $1,000 in scholarships on May 15, later receiving their funds at the end of July.

However, out of the three recipients, one student, in particular, caught the eye of the association during the application process — Morgan McGlothlin.

“The scholarship is specific to graduating seniors who are seeking higher education in the field of fine arts, and Morgan was right on target with her application,” Felty recognized. “She stood out to us because her scholarship is really special to us. The funding for her scholarship came from the Dorsey Family.”

According to Felty, the Dorsey Family was known for being musically inclined in all fashions of the medium throughout the community.

“Harold, who was a band teacher and a choir director of a Presbyterian Church and a principal at the high school,” Felty described, “and his wife, Wilma, and son Stuart were all wonderful musicians who passed away. The Dorsey Family were well-respected and loved within this community, and we’re really glad we could honor Morgan in their name.”

“It’s exciting, and it felt amazing to get a scholarship especially since I’m majoring in music performance,” expressed Morgan McGlothlin. “I feel honored, and it also feels nice to get something for my talent - playing the oboe.”

Playing the doubled-reeded instrument since she was 11-years-old, McGlothlin carried a passion for music throughout her high school career.

As reported in a previous Daily Light article, McGlothlin made All-State Band in 2016. She was also a three-year All-region Band member, a one-year All-Region Orchestra member, a two-year Area Qualifier, and has served as one of the Drum Majors for the Spirit of Waxahachie Indian Band.

“I was in the fifth grade, and I was trying out different instruments. At first, I tried trumpet, and I was going to go with it, but then they told me I needed to try the oboe because of my straight A’s,” McGlothlin explained.

After graduating WHS in June of this year, McGlothlin plans to attend Southern Methodist University in Dallas, this fall, to double major in music performance as well as music education.

“I’ve been thinking about my future a lot lately and how I want to double major, so if I get out of college and I decide to go straight into teaching, I can do that before I get a symphony job. I want to have those options open,” McGlothlin described her impending goals.

“But what I really want is to be an orchestra member,” she revealed.

Though the scholarship came as a complete surprise to McGlothlin, her application made it clear to the board that she should receive the “musician’s scholarship” due to her outstanding grades and pre-recorded oboe audition.

“Something that stuck out to us was her grades for one thing, and her commitment to music,” Felty began. “She had everything done correctly. It was neat, and of course, the recordings were wonderful. And all of those things blended together to say this is one of our recipients, and we're so happy to have this wonderful applicant.”

“Basically, her application was impeccable and we listened to her recordings and were amazed,” added Jane Ann Shipp, WHS Ex-Students Association Fine Arts Hall of Fame committee member.

“Some kids apply for scholarships and they don’t have a clue on how to apply for it, but Morgan’s was a beautiful application and we could tell she was absolutely worthy of getting this scholarship,” she complimented.

“I’m excited about college,” McGlothlin expressed. “It’s a little nerve-racking, but with this scholarship, it’ll go towards my books, my education, and all of my oboe stuff. So I’m excited.”

As for the next round of the Association’s scholarships, Felty is confident that more students like McGlothlin will be recognized and awarded for their hard work.

“We’re so proud of our fine arts people, and that’s why we want to honor the students and promote the program. We’ve just got a bunch of talented kids, and it makes me want to cry. We’re just so proud,” Felty concluded.

To connect with Waxahachie High School’s Ex-Students Association, visit waxahachieexstudents.org or call President Margaret Felty at (972)-921-1181.


Chelsea Groomer, @ChelseaGroomer