WAXAHACHIE — Plans are moving forward for the voluntary annexation of about 292 acres of land that will be added to the City of Waxahachie.

The first of two public hearings on the undeveloped tract of land, located on Marshall Road near Farm-to-Market Road 664, will be held during the regular Waxahachie City Council meeting Aug. 21.

The property is intended to be used to develop a subdivision. City council members continued the item at the request of the developer who was unable to attend the Aug. 7 meeting.

“The City of Waxahachie, generally speaking, is not aggressive in annexation. The exception to that was back in 2005 when we did some non-voluntary annexations. State laws laid out this process. We did five annexations that were non-voluntary,” Waxahachie Assistant City Manager Michael Scott said. “Every other annexation that we have done since then has been voluntary. That means the property owner is saying, ‘Hey I want to be apart of the city.’ That is true in this case as well.”


Scott stated that the reason someone would want have their property annexed into the city is that it provides more options along with some benefits — such as fire, police and emergency medical services, trash pick up and the use of city parks and the library.

“They can develop it in the county without annexation. The problem is that you are limited in density. The county requires a one-acre lot because that is what they require for septic systems. In other words, they would not be on city sewer,” Scott explained. “They could develop out in the county, but they can’t get the density.”

Scott stated once the property is annexed into the city it will be placed in the zoning classification called future development zoning, which is temporary until the developer comes back to the city later on with a fully developed plan for that area.


Arbors Development, who developed Settlers Glen, is behind the construction of the property. Scott stated that Settlers Glen has a total of 579 lots that were built over five phases.

Arbors Development Representative Tony Sanders said that the land is going to be developed into a residential subdivision. However, the total number of lots for the development has not been established at this time.

“It is going to be composed of one to two-acre tracts of land along with some smaller lots. We are annexing the whole property into the city. Some of it is (already) in the city,” Sanders said. “The portion that will be the smaller lots will be larger than Settlers Glen. Again we don’t know for sure what we can put on it until we get it approved with the city.”

Sanders noted that engineer is currently working on a plan for the project at this time and hopes to see work on the ground starting in 2018. He added that following the two public hearings the approval of the plat that will be used and the zoning for the area would be the next step in the project.

The Waxahachie City Council will meet at 7 p.m. on Aug. 21 in the council chambers at the Waxahachie City Hall. City hall is located at 401 S. Rogers St. in downtown Waxahachie.