WAXAHACHIE — Waxahachie I.S.D. Partners in Education program, Adopt-A-Class, is making plans for the new 2017-18 school year. Adopt-a-Class matches businesses, organizations and churches with individual third-grade classrooms.

Adopt-A-Class actively engages the community in the learning experiences in WISD schools and strengthens the bond between the schools and their community. Through this partnership, students learn more about their community and benefit from the unique skills and resources of their adopting organizations.

Businesses of any size, as well as churches and civic organizations, may adopt a class after each volunteer completes volunteer registration and background check.

Adopt-A-Class partners are asked to volunteer twice a month. Teachers will also provide a wish list of supplies needed for their classroom and partners are asked to purchase $50 per year from this wish list.

WISD Third Grade Teachers shared the following thoughts:

“We had a great year with our Adopt-a-Class partners. They were able to get things on our wish list and visit us often. They read books to the students and sometimes helped with small group activities. We appreciate all they do for us! Thanks for letting us be involved in a wonderful program.” said Angie Hill

“My adopter has been absolutely wonderful! The kids have loved having her as a part of their 3rd-grade experience,” added Shannon Goretska.

Clare Kelly said, “I have had the best time this year with our adopter. He has been wonderful and our class adores him. Our Adopt-a-Class partner was dedicated to this program and these kids!”

Tina Cain said, “This has been a wonderful experience for my students! I loved our time with her. Thanks again for our adopter’s dedication and investment of time and services to our students and their future.”

Some of the Business Adopters shared the following:

“Connect4Life had a great year in our Adopt-a-Class program this year. We were able to help with teacher needs that she never has time to do (such as sorting, copying, pencil sharpening) and also worked with students in some small groups. In addition, we were able to spend time with specific students throughout the year. We look forward to participating again in the new school year,” said Heather Morgan, Connect4Life Church.

Lauren Moore, Parker & Moore Orthodontics, said, “This has been my second year to participate in Adopt-a-Class and I plan to participate again next year. I always look forward to visiting my class. This year I played math games, helped with math drills and attended parties and class events. I was able to build a great relationship with the students. The time I visited was worth every minute and very rewarding.”

Russell Clark, of Edward Jones, said, “This year I met with my adopted class the same day and time each week and it’s something I thoroughly looked forward to on my calendar. I helped students with projects, subjects they were working on or reading a story to the class. My hope is to be a positive example to the students that I serve. Early on a student approached me and asked if I was an important person because I wear a suit. I told him that I wasn’t important at all. He told me that I was important to him, and all of the other students, because of the time I spend with them. I definitely will commit to Adopt-a-Class next year.”

Melissa Cobb, WISD Director of Partners in Education, said, “We are very grateful to our outstanding community for their support of the Adopt-a-Class program in Waxahachie Schools. Many businesses, churches, service organizations faithfully continue their support of this program. We welcome new adopters to join us!”

For more information contact the WISD Partners in Education Office at 972-923-4631 or www.wisd.org.