“It cannot be emphasized too strongly or too often that this great nation was founded, not by religionists, but by Christians, not on religion, but on the gospel of Jesus Christ!” – Patrick Henry Despite the litany of modern-day methods, some good and some not so good, by which the gospel Patrick Henry references is presented, it is a fundamentally practical one. While God’s message should never be oversimplified, the practical essence of the gospel is that, with compassion, goodness and love, we are to seek and save the lost. God has made that clear in more ways than we probably realize. Most clear is the very centerpiece of Christianity – the life, death and resurrection of Jesus.

Notwithstanding the twisted machinations of wayward pastors across the country who continue leading souls wildly astray by peddling, among other false teachings, self-centered prosperity schemes or the plethora of man-made religions throughout the world with little more to offer than philosophical slogans and altruistic sayings, Patrick Henry’s proclamation was the truth then just as it is today. America’s impact on the world has always been fueled by the Christian principles embedded in her foundation. The blessings of endless opportunities, individual freedoms and relative wealth are the result. Follow God’s principles and ultimately good things happen … even when suffering and pain exist. Adherence to a divine plan that calls for obedience and faith in a living God, while compelling all Christians to be compassionate servants, is the secret to a fulfilling life. A country built on a foundation like America’s will not only survive, it will thrive. A country built on anything less won’t. Such countries not only fail, they suffer gradual, agonizing degradation. Israel is a vibrant example of the former. Eastern Europe, Central America and the Middle East are vivid examples of the latter.

Even with the boundless impurity in places like Washington DC, San Francisco, Chicago and New York City, along with the debilitating ideologies of inane liberal institutions, slowly flooding the rest of the country, America’s foundation won’t weaken or crumble. Consider the Obama years. Arguably, the only real contribution the Obama administration made to the well-being of America is that her foundation not only stood firm in the face of such a rogue administration, it became stronger. The obvious message to anyone paying attention is that America won’t be destroyed — whether from the inside or out. Obama, posing as something he isn’t nor ever was, tried and failed. The left, for decades, has tried and failed repeatedly. And, like clockwork, is trying again. Truth is, all the dopey Russian collusion noise, nightly fabrications spewing from the mouths of liberal sycophants like Maddow and Matthews and all the palpable hatred of Donald Trump in the world isn’t going to fractured America’s foundation.

If not for a blinding ideology, the collective left and mainstream media in America, considered by most to be one in the same, would understand and stop. Similarly, if not for an elitist narcissism, the same ‘hub of personal destruction’ would understand that if America’s foundation was in any way pliable, all three forces — the aforementioned left, the aggregate force of liberal universities throughout the country and the mainstream media — would have succeeded. Instead of being a country on the rebound, America would be an underachieving, weak, timid country much like France and Germany where socialism abounds and the tentacles of unabated terrorism wait patiently under the cover of darkness for the precise moment to terrorize and kill.

So I say don’t fret about where America is headed. God’s in charge and no force of evil, whether dressed in Middle Eastern garb armed with bombs or in tailored suits armed with uncontrollable self-loathing, will change that. America isn’t great because of her wealth and opportunity, America is great because men and women long ago had the divine wisdom to make Christian principles the very bedrock upon which she stands today.

And, no matter how frenzied, vile and hateful those who don’t like it get, that’s just the way it is.