MANSFIELD — In a partnership that’s helping patients feel more confident on the inside, as well as beautiful on the outside, Methodist Mansfield Medical Center and Walgreens have joined together to give select patients mini-makeovers.

On July 27, the first recipient of the weekly makeovers was Midlothian mother, Lacy Wright, who recently gave birth to triplets.

“We did In-Vitro [In-Vitro Fertilization] and transferred two embryos,” Wright explained her pregnancy. “And there’s only a one-percent chance that an embryo would split - and that’s what happened.”

“I was probably at five weeks when we went in for an ultra sound and then two weeks later and they were like, ‘There’s three.’ And I was like, ‘There’s no way there’s three. There was two two-weeks ago.’ So we most definitely got our money’s worth,” she joked.

Together with her husband, Kevin, a Waxahachie police officer, Wright welcomed their identical twin sons Marshall and Nash, and daughter Oakley, into the world on July 8.

Carrying the triplets longer than expected, Wright went into labor at 32 weeks and had the triplets prematurely.

As reported by March of Dimes, a research foundation, close to 90 percent of triplets are born prematurely, before 37 weeks.

The average triplet pregnancy averages 33 weeks, putting the triplets in the neonatal Intensive Care Unit (ICU), nicknamed “the cube,” for a short period to stabilize their health.

Along with their four-year-old daughter, Wrenlee, the triplets evened out the playing field at home.

“My husband was excited because we at least had one boy in the mix,” Wright recalled with a chuckle. “And now he has two, so we’re completely even. We have two girls, two boys, and a male and female dog.”

Splitting her time between visiting her triplets in “the cube” and taking care of Wrenlee at home, Wright was in need of some “girl time.”

“A lot of times people are here several days or weeks, and you want to do something that makes them feel good,” expressed Angel Biasatti, Director of community and public relations at Methodist Mansfield Medical Center.

“We think these mini-makeovers make people feel better, and we’re so pleased with our partners to do this,” she added.

What started with Walgreens donating to the hospital as a charity effort, soon flourished into a creative idea that not only gave back to the community, but also helped patients feel relaxed through a spa-like break.

“We decided we wanted to do something for the community so we picked the hospital and it just evolved from there,” affirmed Beverly Wayts, a Walgreen’s makeup artist.

“So they came up with a great idea and asked if they could come over and do makeup,” Biasatti articulated. “And I said, ‘You know, we’re making patients feel good on the inside, so this will help them feel a little better and hopefully help them heal better on the outside.’”

Setting up the “pamper station” in a sectioned-off corridor, Wright was treated like a queen for an hour.

“Enjoy the day, you deserve to have,” Wayts encouraged Wright.

From foundation to eyeliner, blush, and lip-gloss, Wayts finished Wright’s look with the United Kingdom’s No7 makeup collection, a complimentary hand massage, and a gift bag filled with personalized cosmetics.

As part of a way to show their patients quality care, this isn’t the first time the medical center has been recognized for it.

On June 20, Methodist Mansfield also achieved the prestigious Magnet Designation award for professional nursing. The award additionally recognized outstanding patient care and the dedication to attaining quality levels of safety, excellence, and patient satisfaction.

“There are only 40 facilities in Texas and eight percent in the United States that have that designation,” Basatti acknowledged. “It’s the highest level.”

As Wright’s pampering came to an end, she looked in the mirror to see her final look.

“I love it, thank you,” Wright said to Wayts.

Through the relationship with Walgreens, the hospital plans to continue it’s merited reputation by having “Thursday mini-makeovers,” rotating patients every week and hoping to lift spirits from the inside out.

To connect with Methodist Mansfield Medical Center, visit or call (682)-242-2000.


Chelsea Groomer, @ChelseaGroomer