If you stop and think about it, there is something that is extremely important to our everyday lives. It affects us everywhere we go. It affects us at home, it affects us at our place of employment, it affects us socially, it affects us at our place of worship and it is even a deciding factor on where each of us will spend eternity.

I am speaking of “Relationships!” This is pretty huge and it affects our happiness everywhere we go.

Everyone will agree how important our relationships are pertaining to who we marry and choose to spend the rest of our lives with — everyone will agree that in order for us to be successful and happy at our place of employment, it’s important to obtain healthy relationships with the one’s we work for and with.

Away from work, most of us have a social life where we hang out with friends and we laugh and have a good time. Those relationships are important to us and we would really miss out on something in our lives if we did not have those close friends and healthy relationships.

A lot of us also have a church family and we have close relationships there as well. These all serve to be very important relationships in our lives and our happiness; our true happiness depends on how well these relationships are existing and thriving.

Think about it for a minute how much our lives are altered when just one of our relationship scenarios are off or are not operating as they should be. Our marriage relationship or our job relationships, or one of our close friends or one of our church relationships get off track.

It significantly alters us and our happiness.

But of all the relationships we have, or we could possibly think of having, there is one relationship that is the most important of all and sadly, for a lot of us, it’s the one relationship that is neglected the most.

The relationship I speak of is the connection we have with God.

Those who have chosen to have a relationship with the living God, serve a God who has a love for us that is so big and so incredible, that our minds cannot comprehend it! He loves us so much that he created us in His image and He knew in the sinful world we live in, we would need an advocate, so He sent His only son, Jesus to come to this earth and live with us as a man. Jesus experienced everything we experience here on earth, yet He was without sin. He died on a cross for our sins, and He raised again on the third day after His death, to proclaim victory over death and is now sitting at the right hand of God.

It is God’s desire to have communion with us. To have a close relationship with us, where He walks with us and guides us on a daily basis.

I can assure you that the more time you spend with God, the more time you will want to spend with God. James 4:8 (KJV) reads, 8 Draw nigh to God, and he will draw nigh to you.

I’m going to challenge you to do something, and if you choose to do it, it will change your life. At the start of your day, spend five minutes on your knees before the Lord. Get somewhere private and just talk to the Lord. Tell Him you love Him and that you give your life to him today. Ask him to lead and guide your steps. Read a few scriptures in God’s word. You will be amazed at how this will change your outlook and perspective on your day and in your life.

What will happen next is that your desire will begin to change and you will want to spend more time with the Lord. Your faith in God will increase, and your life will begin to take on a whole new meaning.

Take time to invest in the most important relationship you will ever have.

The relationships we have that are important to us, we invest a lot of our time into those relationships. The more time we spend with them, talking with them, the closer that relationship forms.

With God, it seems a lot of the time, we only cry out to Him when we are in crisis mode or we are in trouble or we need a prayer answered.

God desires to have a very close relationship with us. Don’t’ be that guy in the relationship you only hear from when he needs something!

Establishing and building a close relationship with God is the most important decision you will ever make. Take the time to invest in a relationship that will last for Eternity!

Do Something to make a difference in someone’s life today.