It is very easy to get entangled in the snares of this world because there are many! Satan loves to see us stumble and he loves to see us fall. It is when we are down that he loves to whisper in our ear just how bad things really are and how it really cannot get much worse! Satan loves to discourage us!

That is how the children of Israel were feeling one morning. They were facing an army that they knew they could not defeat. No matter what they did; no matter how many of their best men they sent into battle, there was no way they could defeat this giant of a man named, Goliath. It is estimated that Goliath stood 9’6” tall and he would walk down from where the Philistines were camping, and he would stand before the Army of Israel and challenge anyone in Israel’s army to fight him.

The reading in I Samuel 17 tells us that everyone feared this man and no one would come forward to fight Goliath.

All looked pretty hopeless in the Israel camp, but God had a divine plan.

Just so happened that David’s older brothers were members of the Army of

Israel and David rose up early one morning and journeyed to take them some food and to check on their well-being.

As David entered the camp and began to converse with his brothers, he heard Goliath’s voice roar through the valley, challenging anyone to step forward, mocking everyone and the Army of Israel.

David saw with his own eyes the fear in all of the men. But David was not afraid. In fact, David became angry, and he said, “Who is this man, who comes forward and defies the Army of the Living God? Young David was just a teenager, but he had the courage of a lion and he declared that he would fight this Philistine.

Everyone tried to discourage David, and they tried to talk David out of doing such a foolish thing, but David was determined.

David walked out alone and faced Goliath. Goliath roared with laughter at the site of David, literally just a boy. It never entered Goliath’s mind what was about to happen.

Everyone tried to make David put on all this heavy armor and protection, but David insisted that all he really needed was his sling shot and a few small stones.

Can’t you imagine, the thoughts that everyone must have been thinking, watching this unfold. Everyone just knew that they were about to witness David being tragically killed by this giant man.

What everyone had forgotten, except for David, was that God had a plan that day!

Maybe you are facing a Goliath in your life right now…. Perhaps your Goliath has been standing in front of you every morning, and he has been mocking you and reminding you how big your problem really is and how horrible your situation is.

All it takes is us taking our eyes off of the “Giant” for a moment and looking up to God!

David, a young teenager, looked at all of the men representing the Army of Israel and he said, “What are you all doing? Why are you allowing this man to defy the very Army of the Living God?”

David took his eyes off of the “Giant” and fixed his eyes on God!

I imagine David was thinking, “God this man is nothing compared to you; give me the wisdom and the strength I need to defeat this man who defies you!”

David did defeat Goliath that day, and it was a tremendous victory for the Army of Israel, for David and especially for God!

I know that there are many “Giants” out there that appear much larger than we do! They are scary and can be intimidating. Let me remind you that your giant is not bigger than our God! No matter how big your giant may be, he will be defeated. We just need to do what David did and take our eyes off of our problem and fix our eyes on God!

Dear Lord, may we find the courage and the fight of David to stand up to our “Giants!” May we proclaim your name victorious as we walk not in defeat but as overcomers in your power and might!

The Giant may try to intimidate us and laugh at us, but if we look up to God, we will soon see our Giant laying defeated before us, just like young David did!

Do something to make a difference in someone’s life today!


Bradley Shotts began working at Wayne Boze Funeral Home on October 15, 2007. He serves as a funeral director and embalmer and loves working and serving the Waxahachie community! He is a member of the Waxahachie Rotary Club and is a member of the Ellis County Sheriff's Posse. Brad is also a member of the North Texas Patriot Guard, standing and honoring our fallen heroes and veterans that have served our great Nation.