Religion, marriage, education and hard work will not be able to prevent the ever growing poverty caused by an economy fostered by a government that is only in power to serve the few at the top. Sadly, that will never change as long as they can afford to buy it to continue to serve their financial interests, using our country as their personal cash register over the welfare of the country and our national interest. Yet they are few. We are many. And it brings into focus the importance of the vote. Those destitute by their own misfortune or poverty placed on them by unjust laws or those who have worked hard to buy the promise only to have the benefit yanked out from under them to further feather the gilded nests far above are not being afforded the benefit of basic citizenship that is a cornerstone of our great country. The Golden Calf has replaced the American Dream.

There is nothing wrong with being rich. That is the result of one's industry. But the fantasy of the poor wishing to stay that way to suck off the government teat is far from being a reality. For they are being pushed aside by the corporate donors to the powers that be.

Here in Waxahachie we have a great number of citizens working hard, contributing to our economy who are considered poor. There are retired peoples among us who built this country with the sweat of their brows and the fruits of their taxes only to now see themselves in dire straits so those with more money than they will ever need use government to take the bread off the plates of the needy that was bought previously.

We are in a crisis in this great country. Not by Russian interference in our voting. Not by terrorists, more often domestic than foreign, not by the divisiveness embraced by our populace as a condition of identity, but a crisis of moral fortitude to stand against the rising tide of greed and narcissism that is being promoted as nationalism. That has and never will make America great. But treating our fellow citizens with the altruistic purpose intended by this country's founding instead of the perversion thereof currently being shown by government whether local , statewide or federal, will elevate us all above that tide.

It is not government that will do this for us. It is something that must be done by each one of us. For we are government and it only reflects its people. It is a matter of collecting wealth from our economy that is shrinking in beneficiaries for ourselves that will only sate individually, or the giving of the wealth from the heart that will benefit us all collectively.

What's in your wallet?

Alan Fox, Waxahachie