Do you sometimes have days similar to this? — Turning on the shower and there’s no hot water. No clean undies unless it’s a pair left over from yesteryear, which are four sizes too small. Overdrawn at the bank; radiator coolant leaking out all over your driveway. Your fifth day in a row to have sauerkraut and weenies. Your grandson just painted a mural on your bedroom wall with your mascara.

Ever have days like that?

When stuff like this comes our way, we can either throw our hands up in desperation, or we can pause, take a couple of deep breaths, and remember that all this stuff happens to be God’s tools to help boil the dross out of our life, and to work His wonderful purpose in our life — or someone else’s?

Have you ever stopped to think about the fact that God never permits anything to pass your way that (1) Isn’t for the ultimate advancement of His purpose; (2) that’s too big for Him to solve; (3) that will only be temporary; (4) that gives Him the opportunity to show you His strength; and (5) that gives you the opportunity to learn more deeply, His marvelous character?

Remember what the Apostle Peter wrote in one of his epistles: “Casting all your care upon him; for he careth for you.”

The idea of “casting” denotes picking up an extremely heavy load, and literally slamming it on the back of Jesus.” And Jesus has a very strong back, and can easily carry the load. Also, the original language renders the promise of 1 Peter 5:7 as “you are a care and concern to him.”

There is no acquaintance you could ever have on this earth who cares for you nearly as much as Christ does. His care is 24/7 - it is complete, perfect, and absolutely trustworthy. He would never take his watchful eye off of you.

You are his concern — and he cares for you implicitly.

The “bobbles” of life mentioned above are very trite compared to many who receive bad news from the doctor, or who have lost all belongs in a fire, their job, or a loved one. But no matter the severity of the stuff that comes your way in this life, through them all, the care and concern of Christ are always steadfast. He can handle the trite stuff — and He can handle the tragic stuff.


Paul Gauntt currently serves as the pastor of First Baptist Church of Palmer.