Sometimes you may feel like you live on an island, isolated, alone, busy, and the world or activities are going on around you, and you are missing out on fun activities, and you are missing out on things.

When the truth of the matter it, that island you are on, is perfect. It is the island that you have created for yourself. You wake up one morning and you have received a text from a friend, just saying, “Hi” and you know someone in your life is thinking about you; or you are sitting outside watching your kids play and jump and tackle their daddy on Father’s Day, just as they should be doing; or your dirty little dogs come running up to you and give you all the love in the world.

Sometimes, there can be those days that we get so wrapped up in work, or activities, or just life in general that we feel that everyone else around us is traveling, or having fun, or relaxing and enjoying life. When the fact of the matter is, everything that you have worked so hard for is right there at your fingertips.

There may be a stress in your life, or a missing piece to your personal puzzle at that moment in time, or you just maybe feeling a little blue, but that is okay. We all deserve a day to feel down. There is no rule in the “Life Handbook” that says we must be happy 24/7. But then there are those times in life when we catch a simple act of kindness or happiness, that helps us to realize just how lucky and blessed we are in life.

From the time we stop being kids, to the moment we become adults, we are slowly building “Our Islands.” We are welcoming those we love and want to surround ourselves with onto our island, and we are kindly escorting those off that we no longer need in our lives. And sadly, we are losing those to Heaven, whether we are ready for them to leave us or not; and then we are blessed with little ones in our life that will change our worlds forever.

But in building and creating our islands, we must be very selective in the kind of atmosphere and ambiance we want to have on that island. Sometimes we want it to be loud, and noisy; sometimes we need total silence; and sometimes, there is total silence, when we don’t need the silence. And that is when we must realize that we are still loved, supported and wanted by our friends and family, they just maybe concentrating on their “islands” at that point in time.

You must realize, that life is a very delicate balance of busy, loud and active days; and then there are those days filled with silence, relaxation, and sometimes avoidance. Just know you are never alone. You are always surrounded by your immediate guests you have welcomed onto your island. And cherish them, and the memories you have made there.