Shout out to dads! Happy belated Father’s Day. Why is it that my kid’s got all of my negative character traits — but they inherited all of the blonde’s (AKA, my wife) positive qualities?

I probably qualified as mischievous while in high school. Once I took an early lunch (the school district preferred to call it something else) in order to get to the Pizza Hut buffet before my other classmates, that plus I did not care for algebra.

It was raining and I was driving my mother’s 1978 blue Dodge Aspen. I drove into a flash flood and the car got stalled out. It was one of those times that you don’t try to get out of the situation, you know it’s a “call dad” moment regardless of the fact that you are going to be in big trouble.

The water was at least knee deep and after the rain stopped my father showed up with a church deacon (my dad was a pastor) and they towed the car home.

The image of my dad bailing water out of the floorboard of my mother’s car with a coffee can (remember those) is still very clear. My mother asked me, “What was I doing or what was I thinking?” is still very clear. The point being at 16 you don’t think very much, all you know is you like pizza and hate algebra.

Later my dad came into the house but we never discussed the driving the car into a street filled with water while taking an early lunch circumstance. I mean never. My father showed me mercy. Mercy is not getting what you do deserve. The forgiveness and the grace were overwhelming. It had a profound effect on me. This might sound silly but I saw Jesus that day, maybe for the first time.

My famous celebrity pastor friend who is on television and the radio grew up with an alcoholic dad. He grew up in a dysfunctional home but he was confident of his father’s love. One day he and some classmates did something just as bad as skipping school and they got caught too. One of his classmates said, “His dad was going to kill him.” My friend replied, “My dad is going to love me.” I get that.

God the Father is love (1st John 4:8). We can always trust Him to do the right thing. I can’t tell you to go and sin but if I did, and if you did, the mercy of an all-loving Father would be there waiting for you. It’s not quite that simple but it’s close. He told me to tell you that.