WAXAHACHIE — On June 19, a mother welcomed her new baby boy to the world in the same delivery room where her daughter-in-law would soon do the same — on the exact same day.

While Brandy Hill welcomed her second child, Brandon Colt Hill, in the world June 19 at 8:13 a.m., her daughter-in-law, Katelen Newman, held her son, Bentley Wayne Hill, for the first time at 11:46 p.m.

“We joked about having them on the same day, and then it really happened,” laughed Hill, mother of Brandon and now grandmother to Bentley.

“When we went to the hospital everyone had said, ‘I knew it was going to happen,’” added Newman, Bentley's mom and Brandon's sister-in-law.

Birthed at Methodist Charlton Medical Center in Dallas, both Hill and Newman recalled the spontaneous day that unfolded in surprise after surprise.

“My delivery was scheduled for that morning, and I was supposed to be there on [June] 19th, and she [Newman] was supposed to come in on that following Friday to get induced, but she came in that day,” Hill recollected.

“For me, I got up in the morning because I was having contractions so bad,” Newman jumped in. “And I went to the hospital, and they said, ‘Well, you’re going to have a baby.’ I was due the week before, and I definitely didn’t expect it. I got there at about eight o’clock that morning and had him that night.”

“What’s funny is that we were even in the same delivery room at different times,” Hill expounded the identical details. “And once she got upstairs, she was in the room right across from me, so we were on the same floor.”

“It was crazy because I couldn’t even get up and go see my first grandson, but I eventually made my way over the next day,” she added.

Though Brandon was 15 hours older and weighed five pounds and 16 ounces, Bentley was born weighing two pounds heavier at seven pounds and 11 ounces.

“They’re good together because when one would cry, the other one would quite down,” Hill said. “And when he’d quite down the other one would start up, so it worked out.”

Self-claimed as an “instant family,” both Hill and Newman couldn’t believe the twin-like timing.

“I had every emotion, I mean, I became a mom and a grandma on the same day,” Hill smiled. “We’re still getting over the shock of it all.”

“Yeah,” Newman agreed. “If I could’ve waited about 15 minutes, I would’ve had Bentley the next day. It’s just crazy.”

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention national vital statistics system, of women aged 15–24 who did not yet have any biological children from 2013–15, 86 percent were more likely to have a child in the future compared with lower percentages of higher-aged women, ranging from 25-44.

A higher proportion of women, aged 15–24 with at least two biological children, 63 percent were expected to have a child, compared with 25 percent of women aged 25–34 and six percent between the ages of 35–44, making Hill’s case a unique occasion.

“It’s different than the first time because I’m older,” Hill acknowledged. “But it’s an experience each time. Just becoming a mom again is the best.”

“Being a mom - I love it, it’s amazing,” Newman commented on being a first-time mom. “I love it when I’m holding him, and he just smiles at me, it makes me want to cry sometimes. It’s just great.”

As for Brandon and Bentley, Hill and Newman hope the boys will remain close as they grow up.

“Either they’ll be best friends, or they’re going to fight,” Hill chuckled. "But I hope they'll be friends."

“I hope they’re going to be friends too,” Newman finished in agreement.


Chelsea Groomer, @ChelseaGroomer