WAXAHACHIE — A new symbol of hometown pride will soon catch the eyes, and wind, of passersby in the Gingerbread City.

Headed by Drew Sambell, president of the Education Foundation for Waxahachie ISD, community members and WISD supporters now have the opportunity to purchase green-and-white spirit flags to fly outside of their homes or places of business. The flag, which depicts a white block "W" with a spear passing through its center on a green background, cost $125. These flags will be used to show Waxahachie ISD spirit and support on athletic game days, concert or theatrical play nights, or during a UIL, band, spirit or charmer competition, among other events.

"This is another way for the education foundation to raise funds to benefit innovative classroom grants and dual-credit scholarships for our high school students," explained Jenny Bridges, WISD Education Foundation director. She also stated the foundation expects the flag to last about three years before needing replacement. At this time, the foundation is still working on the details for a replacement program.

To help with the "planting" of the flags, the Rotary Club of Waxahachie has partnered with the foundation and will allow for the spirit flags to be placed in its already-in-place in-ground sleeves, when available. The club typically uses these sleeves during holidays when it distributes American flags to those with a flag subscription. Rotary members use the American flag subscription program as a fundraiser and more information can be found on the club's website, www.waxahachierotary.org.

However, unlike the Rotary flag program, those who purchase a green-and-white spirit flag from the education foundation will keep the flag and can place it in front of their home or business at any time. Bridges also noted the Rotary Club will assist the foundation with the logistics of installing the in-ground sleeves to hold the flags at those places where there is not one currently. The sleeve and pole are included in the cost of the flag.

"Anytime they want to show their 'Hachie pride, they can put the flag out," Bridges explained, "but Old Glory takes precedent. We ask that the Rotary's American flags not be removed for the green and white."

The Education Foundation for Waxahachie ISD is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that began in 1999. According to its website, the foundation exists to help balance the decrease in state funding and continued increase in enrollment by providing and maintaining a high quality of educational opportunities.

"Funds raised by the Education Foundation for Waxahachie ISD directly benefit teachers and students," its website states. "The foundation financially supports a number of educational programs including innovative classroom grants, dual credit scholarships for high school students, and the annual Honors Breakfast, which recognizes the top students in the senior classes at Waxahachie High School and Waxahachie Global High School."

For more information on the spirit-flag program, visit wisdeducationfoundation.org. According to Bridges, the foundation plans to distribute the first round of flags, sleeves and poles by Aug. 21. There will be an email blast and social media posts issued by the district on days when the flags should be placed outside.