Have you noticed in life how refreshing it is when something good happens out of the blue; something totally unexpected comes along and it just knocks you off of your feet? You realize then that what your mother always said to you growing up, has actual meaning and she really did know what she was talking about. She would always say, “It’s the little things that matter the most!” “It’s the little things that people remember!”

I’ve learned in my own life how true that is! I love it when God uses His people in the “Little Things” to make such a huge impact!

Maybe you have had someone look at you surprised and with a huge smile on their face and say to you, “You did not have to do that; how nice of you! You just made my day!” Now to you, it really wasn’t a big deal at all. You haven’t done anything really out of your way, you just saw an opportunity to do something nice for someone and you did it! What you didn’t realize, and you couldn’t have known, was that God purposely placed the receiver of your small kindness there that day because what you just did, meant the entire world to that person! They needed that so badly right then and when you delivered it, it changed their entire perspective and outlook on their day and for some, even their outlook on life itself!

You never know what that simple smile or compliment may do for someone. You never know behind the scenes what is really going on in a person’s life when you walk up to them in the checkout line at the grocery store or even at the gas pump and you say, “Please allow me to pay this for you!”

You are not aware at the very moment, but God is using you and has placed you there because He knows that the person He is about to place in your path is in desperate need of some help! Maybe that person is struggling financially, and they have been on their knees all night praying for God to help them in some way, or maybe they have really been hit hard lately emotionally, and they are very down and on the border of really battling depression. We just have no idea who is standing and walking beside us and all the struggles everyone around us is facing.

There is one vital part of God blessing others that God has to have in order for most of His blessings to occur! It is YOU! It is me, it is all of us! We have to be listening for God’s voice and then we have to be willing to obey what He is asking us to do!

It is very powerful to think about what could happen if we did not obey the Lord when asked to do a task.

On November 1, 1934, a farmer was driving to church when he saw a young teenage boy walking along the road. Something inside of him was telling him to stop his truck and ask this young man to church. Like many of us do, he probably was thinking to himself, “This boy doesn’t want to go to church; he doesn’t even know me that well!” Come to find out, the farmer recognized the boy as his neighbor’s kid; he pulled over and stopped and asked Billy if he wanted to come and go to church with him. To his surprise, Billy accepted his invitation that day.

What the farmer didn’t know was that he had just obeyed God’s voice and the teenage boy he just picked up to take to church was Billy Graham!

Because He obeyed God, literally thousands and thousands came to know the Lord through Rev. Graham's ministry. Billy Graham did accept Christ into his heart that day in Charlotte, North Carolina. He went on to be the spiritual adviser to many presidents. He held camp meetings throughout all of the world and preached God’s word to millions of people. Through Rev. Graham's ministry on the radio and television, over 2.2 billion people have heard the gospel from the mouth of this great evangelist.

Such a small thing to stop on the side of the road and ask a young boy to church. But look how that small act of obedience turned in to over a million people accepting Christ as their Savior and living for an eternity in Heaven.

Don’t ignore that still small voice inside of you when it’s telling you to do a small random act of kindness. You just never know how many lives you may be saving in the process.

Thanks, Mom, for teaching me about the “little things” in life. Turns out, it’s a pretty big deal.

Do something to make a difference in someone’s life today!