MIDLOTHIAN — Despite reservations from one councilman and handful of residents, the Midlothian City Council approved a zoning-change request for a new gas station in a four-to-one vote during its Tuesday meeting.

Councilman Mike Rogers cast the sole no vote Tuesday, July 11 after citing concerns over traffic flow and potential congestion. QuikTrip, a combination retail-and-gasoline store, will be located at the intersection of U.S. Highway 287 and FM 663.

"I have no problem with QT but how are we going to move this traffic especially at peak traffic times,” Rogers asked. He also questioned if there had been any recent traffic studies done at the intersection.

Midlothian City Engineer Mike Adams told Rogers that the last study was conducted in 2015 and showed approximately 19,000 cars a day travel that particular portion of the highway.

“And, I expect that number to grow,” Adams added. He then addressed the traffic flow issues, stating that a slowdown lane on U.S. Highway 287 with a turn lane dedicated to the gas station entrance will be proposed to TxDOT and noted there will also be access off of FM 663, as well. Adams did, however, inform the council that TxDOT has not yet approved access to the proposed QT from U.S. Highway 287.

Rogers further stated, “My concern is with multiples mall shops and businesses that will be coming into the area as well as the Kroger. Traffic flow will be an issue and there will be backups."

Only one community member from the audience spoke, stating, “We have enough gas stations here as it is and with those already planned. We do not need anymore.”

After closing the public hearing, Midlothian Mayor Bill Houston called for a motion, a second followed and the request to construct the QT passed, four to one.


Director of Public Works Adam Mergener presented an application to approve a grant to be used to construct two community stone monuments to the council. The first monument will be installed on the southwest corner of Midlothian Parkway and FM 1387. The second will be at a location to be determined later.

“The proposed permanent monument signs would be an enhancement at these proposed locations, at the same time providing a service to the community,” Mergener said. He went on to state these would include electronic message boards that would be controlled by city hall.

The funding for the monument signs comes via an award from the Midlothian Community Development Corporation to the city. The cost of the two signs was reported to be $123,400.

A request to locate an Ice Kiosk to be located in the Midlothian Plaza Shopping Center was also unanimously approved.

The requester, Matt Newman, submitted the request to build the 250 square foot kiosk on a lot of about 650 square feet.

Midlothian Planning Manager Marcos Narvaez told the council that staff approved and the project had planning and zoning approval.

Two companion ordinances to consider the approval of a dwelling in the Estate of Somercrest that would not meet current zoning requirements were also addressed.

“The applicant, Gerald Clark, is seeking to build a house with a contemporary Prairie-style architectural design. To accomplish this, an exception to the minimum masonry requirement of 90 percent is needed. The applicant is seeking a masonry coverage of 86 percent to maintain the integrity of style and design. The remaining 14 percent of the materials is three coat stucco accent to compliment the design of the home," Narvaez said.

The second request by Clark was to build a house with an exception to the minimum roof pitch requirement of 8:12. Clark is seeking a roof pitch requirement of 6:12 with hipped-roof planes to maintain the integrity of style and design, Narvaez said.

The council unanimously approved both requests.