Mike Boyd takes a lot of satisfaction in providing his customers the best service possible so that he knows when they leave his pharmacies that their needs are taken care of and met.

And that level of attention and kindness has brought locals back for over three decades.

Boyd opened his first pharmacy, Red Oak Drug, in 1984 and later purchased the Prescription Shop in 2002.

“I graduated from pharmacy school in Austin in 1978. I worked for about five years and at several different pharmacy jobs at the same time. I saved up money and opened up the pharmacy. That was kind of my goal when I went to pharmacy school,” Boyd said. “I didn’t necessarily want to work for somebody else. I did not like the big chain atmosphere and service. So I opened up my own.”

Boyd stated that, while the two stores can’t compete with the bigger competitors on the square footage side, his focus and specialty remain on individual customer service. This emphasis allows customers and the employees to know each other on a first-name basis and, in turn, fosters a better experience.

Boyd remarked that it means more for a customer to converse with an actual person, rather than a machine or hotline number.

When a patron enters the Perscription Shop, that personal attention starts the moment they walk through the door. The staff then works with them throughout their visit, so their needs are met. If an item is not available, it can be special ordered and arrives the next day as opposed to a week or two.

“We have braces and supports, wheelchairs and that type of stuff. We have people at both locations that can fit people for those. If you walk into Walmart, they are going to have a shelf full of stuff but nobody there to fit it,” Boyd remarked. “That is important to get the right size because some of these things can cause damage if they don’t.”

Boyd stated a person could come into the pharmacy and get the prescription in 10 minutes or less as opposed to hours.

Another area that Red Oak Drug and the Prescription Shop specializes in is compounding services for patients, physicians, veterinarians and dentists. Compounding is taking raw ingredients of a particular type of pharmaceutical product and making it fit the unique needs of a specific person.

 “Compounding is what in the old, old days all pharmacies did. There were not that many manufactured products so they bought raw materials and put the powders together. They made tablets, capsules and suspensions,” Boyd said. “People started looking at doing it again in 1980. We started doing it in 1984 and been doing it ever since. What allows us to do is to make specific dosage forms. If a child can’t swallow a tablet we can make a suspension and so forth. If a person is allergic to an ingredient in a manufactured product we can make it without that. Discontinued products that people can no longer get commercially we can make and so forth.”

Boyd said that the service is needed, but many of the chains don’t do it because of all that is involved in it like having specialized equipment and trained personnel.

Both locations feature compounding labs. It takes around 24 to 48 hours to complete a compound.

Boyd said, at Red Oak Drug and the Prescription Shop, the customer is not just another number.

“We really practice pharmacy (here). We watch for drug interactions. We watch for allergies that people have reported they have,” Boyd said. “That is opposed to running through 800 or 900 prescriptions per day at a chain. You’re a name here.”

Red Oak Drug is located at 106 E. Ovilla Road in Red Oak. Its staff can be reached at 972-617-2222. The pharmacy is open 9 a.m. – 6 p.m. Monday – Friday, 9 a.m. – 1 p.m. on Saturday and closed on Sunday.

The Prescription Shop is located at 120 S. Grand Ave. Suite 1 in Waxahachie. It is open 9 a.m. – 6 p.m. Monday – Friday and closed on Saturday and Sunday. The staff can be reached at 972-938-2642. For additional information go to the website at www.redoakdrug.com.


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