MAYPEARL — Over the past year, Maypearl city leaders have taken steps to make improvements and plan for future upgrades to the city’s infrastructure — and there is more to come.

Work has already been completed on several streets and other projects are being finalized, according to Maypearl Mayor Kelly Jacobson, who noted the streets have been worked on include Trice, First, Commerce and part of Fourth Street.

The total cost for the resurfacing was about $7,000.

“[Ellis] County came in through an inter-local agreement and took the streets back down to the base and replaced them with a new surface. Potholes were the main issue in why the streets were redone,” Jacobson said. “Street improvements are planned for next year’s budget but they haven’t been decided yet. Factors that are being considered wear and tear and use.”

Facility Upgrades

The City of Maypearl is looking to upgrade its sewer treatment facility with the purchase of a mechanical bar screen and a dewatering press. The treatment facility will also receive concrete improvements and the installation of a fence.

According to the Crane Engineering website, a bar screen is a coarse filter that removes large objects like rags, sticks and other large debris in the treatment process.

The sustainable satiation and water management website also states that a dewatering press separates liquids from solids.

Improvements are estimated at $539,000 with the bid process beginning at the end of the month. Construction is slated to commence in the middle of September or October with completion set for July of 2018.

Jacobson stated that improvements to the treatment facility will help maintain the standard put in place by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality.

Future Projects

The city is also exploring the possibility of creating a community park in the large vacant lot across from city hall in the 100 block of Second Street.

Jacobson said a feasibility study was done and the city is looking the cost of the park. The Maypearl City Council has made no decision on the park. He added that the budget has not been set for next year.

The park initiative is a shared effort between by the city and community group, "Friends of Maypearl," with the latter currently raising funds for the park.

According to the group’s website, the members are selling commemorative bricks for $100 and pavers for $250 to help fund the park. The group is looking to raise $75,000 before Sept. 1.

Along with the park, the city is looking make improvements to a six water line that runs underneath Farm-to-Market Road 66. The project would replace more than 300 feet of pipe. Work will take place from Martin Luther King Jr. Street to First Street and FM 66 to FM 157. The project is currently in the planning stage and has a cost of about $200,000.

“Someone a hit (fire) hydrant and they busted the six-inch water line under FM 66,” Jacobson explained. “That is going to be re-established and they are going to tie water wells one and two together.”

Jacobson stated that those improvements would make the water line more efficient. He hopes that project will be completed in 2018 or by the start of 2019.

Jacobson said the street projects and the infrastructure improvements are the continuations of work put in place by several previous mayors. He hopes that this work will continue to build on and expanded in the future.

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