What should I do when I see an emergency vehicle (EV) approaching using audible and visual signals (light and sirens)? The Transportation Code, section 545.156, covers this, but we will give you the Reader’s Digest version.

The Transportation Code advises drivers to pull to the right side of the road and STOP. If you are approaching an intersection and realize there is an EV approaching you, do not stop at the intersection. This is because the EV may have to turn down the entrance you are blocking. Proceed through the intersection and stop. Once the EV has passed your vehicle look around and see if anymore EV’s are approaching; then proceed if clear.

Stopping is the most important action. So many times drivers slow down and do not stop which puts the driver of the EV and everyone else in danger. If you are stuck at a place and cannot move, stay there and let the EV maneuver its way around you.

The two most important things are to 1) getting to the right 2) and stopping. If you cannot get to the right, just stop.