WAXAHACHIE — The trustees of the M.E. Singleton Scholarship Trust have announced that they have awarded 31 $8,000 scholarships and another 94 $1,000 scholarships to high school seniors in communities served by Citizens National Bank of Texas, the administrator of the trust.

In total, the trust awarded $342,000 this year.

A total of 146 applicants were interviewed, with scholarships being granted on the basis of financial need, the determination to excel in college and the ability to attain a degree within four years.

Through 2017, the M.E. Singleton Scholarship Trust has awarded over $6 million in scholarships to area students.

“Since 1952, the M.E. Singleton Scholarship Trust has assisted students, a number of whom could not afford a college education, to earn degrees and make a contribution in medicine, law, education, finance and numerous other fields. Many have returned to their roots in Ellis County and made a difference,” said Mark Singleton, president and CEO of Citizens National Bank of Texas. “The scholarships have not only helped 461 seniors seeking a college education over the past 55 years, but they have also made all of our lives better because what was gained by those students is being returned to us every day,” Singleton previously told the Daily Light.

In 1930, Colonel Marvin E. Singleton became Chairman of the Board of Citizens National Bank in Waxahachie.

To honor their father, the children of Colonel Singleton established the M. E. Singleton Scholarship Trust in 1952.

In 1996, the Shannon Elizabeth Singleton Memorial Scholarship was established in remembrance of the great-granddaughter of Colonel Singleton.

“Beginning in the early 1900s, my great grandfather instilled in all people associated with the bank that a hometown bank must give back to the communities it serves. Today, we have more than 200 working with CNB of Texas that contribute over 15,000 volunteer hours every year, primarily in youth and education programs. The scholarship and dedication to community service are legacies that have a long tradition,” said Singleton.

For more information, go to www.singletongscholarship.org.