WAXAHACHIE — Everyone has heard of problems at the Veterans Administration. Long waiting times, difficulty getting information and complex applications can bedevil the veteran needing assistance. In spite of all the good the VA does it can be intimidating.

Ellis County has someone to help.

This week, Ellsworth Huling visited the Rotary Club to explain his position as Ellis County Veteran’s Service Officer. Huling is an employee of the county government charged with making sure Ellis County veterans are taken care of. His office provides assistance to veterans, their dependents, and survivors who may be eligible for benefits from the VA or across the state of Texas.

Examples of some of the services they can help with include filing claims for disability compensation, dependency and indemnity compensation, widow’s or survivor’s claims and housebound benefits claims. Also, they can help with obtaining discharge documents, military records and personnel records, which may be critical in working with the VA.

The office can act as a liaison with the VA in filling out paperwork and access to the system. They see 30 to 40 veterans or their kin each month in their offices in the old courthouse building in Waxahachie or their office in Ennis. They welcome veterans or their relatives just seeking information about what help is offered.

They also assist homeless veterans with finding housing. Help coordinate with Texas Workforce to find jobs and many other services. Because their services are so important and because the office is not well known they want to talk to your club or employees about what they offer to veterans. Even if a veteran does not need the service he or she may know or meet someone who does need it.

For more information in Waxahachie or most of the rest of the county contact Ellsworth Huling at (972) 825-5099 or ellsworth.huling@co.ellis.tx.us. In Ennis, contact Nimchie Alce at (972) 825-5328 or nimchie.alce@co.ellis.tx.us.


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