WAXAHACHIE — Despite the difficulty of adjusting to the weather, Midway Regional Airport’s Pancake Breakfast Fly-in was a complete success, says those who helped put on the annual event.

“Everything worked out,” expressed Tammy Bowen of Mid-Way Regional’s airport operations. “Considering the rain we had, the event turned out very well.”

With heavy downpours of rain throughout the weekend, the Pancake Fly-in didn’t suffer as families of all sizes attended and explored the wonders of aviation last Saturday, June 3.

“All we can do is go by their faces. it’s really fulfilling to see all the families out here with their children,” Bowens described. “They all had big smiles, and you could tell they thoroughly enjoyed the airplanes, the clown, and the train – and that’s what it’s all about, coming out here to have a great time."

Although a few attractions were canceled or unable to make it, the show went on just as the breakfast line got long.

“The weather broke after a while, and we fed over 625 people pancakes,” Bowens recalled. “The pancakes were great, and the Boy Scouts did an awesome job. And the DC-3 airplane ended up running, after all. So, overall, we were very happy with the turnout.”

“We also had that little band out there, and Hoarse Bratcher, he’s 91-years-old and has been coming out to our pancake breakfast probably ever since year one,” Bowen chuckled. “He’s just adorable. He was there to sing ‘Kansas City.’”

“We also had Dusti the Clown, and she made some awesome balloon animals for the kids. I saw an octopus and some other neat little characters she twisted up. Then the train was also running, which seemed to be a big attraction,” she listed the favorite activities among the adolescents.

Even with puddles scattered along the tarmac, young children were in awe of the display of aircraft lined up with specialized tours inside.

“It’s all about the families and the kids, and we’re glad it turned out the way it did,” Bowen affirmed.

“Hopefully next year the weather will be better because if the community enjoyed it on Saturday, then you’ll really enjoy it on a nice day,” she chuckled. “But it was a fun community event, and we did have some people who had never been out here before, and they were like, ‘Wow, this is really cool!’ So we’re looking forward to next year.”

To connect with Mid-Way Regional Airport Annual Pancake Breakfast Fly-in, visit mid-wayregional.com or call 972-923-0080.